FWE Welcome to the Rumble Results – RVD & Dreamer Have Last Match, Matt Striker Wrestles, John Morrison Wins Gold & More!

FWE Welcome to the Rumble 2

-Former WWE Superstar Matt Striker was introduced before the show began, and joined the commentary team. 

(1) Petey Williams def. Brian Kendrick. Said to be a very good back-and-forth match, with Kendrick hitting a superkick at the end, but Williams finishing him off with a Canadian Destroyer. 

(2) The Young Bucks def. Jigsaw & Tony Nese. Matt and Nick Jackson got the win with a spike tombstone piledriver on Jigsaw. 

(3) Angelina Love & Winter def. Maria Kanellis & Ivelise Valez. Mike Bennett was ringside for this match, and made out with Maria quite a bit, much to the frustration of her tag team partner. Ivelise took the fall after Maria had been thrown from the ring. 

(4) FWE Tri-Borough Championship

Paul London def. Akio Yang.
Two former WWE Superstars, as Akio used to wrestle as Jimmy Wang Yang. London picked up the win with the Shooting Star Press. 

(5) Extreme Rules Match

Rob Van Dam def. Tommy Dreamer.
Tons of weapons were used, and the two got a "this is awesome" chant near the end. The finish came as RVD hit Rolling Thunder, followed by the Five Star Frog Splash. 

-After the match, Tommy Dreamer announced that this was probably the last match the two of them will ever have. He wished RVD well on his return to WWE, and they embraced as the fans ate it up. 

(6) FWE Championship

John Morrison def. Carlito to become the new FWE Champion!
Carlito almost had the match won with a Samoan drop, but Morrison came back and hit Starship Pain for the win. 

(7) Tommy Dreamer won a Rumble match to earn a future shot the FWE Championship. This match was pretty much identical to a WWE Royal Rumble, with the winner earning a Money in the Bank-style contract that entitles him to a championship match whenever he wants it, for up to one year. Tons of surprise entrants and big names, including Mike Bennett, Jay Lethal (who did his Ric Flair gimmick), Chris Masters, The Sandman, and more.