WWE Smackdown Results (5/24) – Curtis Axel’s SD Debut, Miz/Barrett IC Title Match, The Shield Continues Their Winning Ways

WWE SmackdownWWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

May 24th 2013

Miz starts things off by saying he is going to multitask by hosting his show, then he is going to win back the Intercontinental Championship. Miz then welcomes his guest, Fandango, to the ring, and he leads Summer Rae to the ring and Miz laughs to himself. Summer Rae calls for a mic and hands it to Fandango, then Miz tries to talk but Fandango hushes him and says his name the 'correct' way. Miz says 'really?' and they go back and forth a bit, then Miz says however it is pronounced, he made history. They show a clip of a tag match on RAW, then Miz says Summer Rae looked stupid when she got blown off by Jericho, and Fandango ditched his partner. Miz says Fandango is a self absorbed jerk, but Fandango says no one will get close to Summer Rae again or he'll dance on their face.

Fandango starts explaining himself but Miz says he knows when to fight and when to entertain, then he calls Fandango a bag of Skittles and says he's the new 'Fruity Pebbles' after the fans chant it. Wade Barrett comes out and says he needs a word with both of them, but Fandango's first and Wade calls him pathetic. He says the only reason they lost is because of Fandango, and he'd rather dance around than fight like a man. Wade says he'll smash his face in if they cross paths again, then he says he'll make the fans forget his name, and Fandango corrects the pronounciation again. Miz says he needs to remind Wade that they will fight tonight, and he already beat Wade at Wrestlemania, not to mention he made him tap on Monday night. Wade says he needs to remind Miz of something, then he punches him in the face and they brawl until they are separated.

Intercontinental Championship

The Miz vs Wade Barrett (c)

We join the match in progress following a commercial, and Miz slams Wade on the mat but Wade comes back with a kick to the stomach and sets him on the turnbuckles. Wade kicks him in the stomach and gets a two count, then he applies a side headlock but Miz breaks it so Wade sends him into the ropes. Miz comes back with a kneelift and a kick to the face, then he sets up a corner clothesline as Fandango leaves commentary and asks for his music. Fandango starts dancing as Wade hits Winds of Change for two, then he continues to dance as Miz counters a pump handle slam and dropkicks Fandango through the ropes. Miz tries to steal a rollup before setting up the Figure Four, then Wade kicks him away and Fandango punches him in the face. The ref calls for the bell as Fandango jumps in the ring and helps Wade attack him, then Fandango dances around and Wade levels him with the Bullhammer before leaving.

Winner (by disqualification) – The Miz