WWE Smackdown Results (4/19) – Alberto vs Swagger, Big Show/Henry vs Sheamus/Orton

SmackdownWWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

April 19th 2013

Fandango makes his entrance and dances his way to the ring, then he flirts with Lillian and asks her if she wants to ‘make some moves.’ He asked her if she’s Fandangoed before, because it feels good, then Lillian tries to walk away but he pulls her close. Fandango looks at her and spins her, then he leans in and dips her before saying that was terrible. Fandango says there’s nothing good about the way she dances, then he mocks the crowd and says they butcher his name and mock his dance worse than she dances. He asks if she can at least say his name correctly, but Santino comes out and says he is insulting and a sonnamagun. Santino says he has to admit, Fandango does have good moves, but he wants to show off his moves and brought a dance partner. Santino says he and Cobra will two step all over his face, then Santino dances and teases a Cobra Strike before Fandango takes a swing at him, but Santino pulls the ropes and sends Fandango out to the floor.  

Fandango vs Santino Marella

Fandango knocks Santino down and does his pose, then he sends him into the corner but Santino throws him into the turnbuckles and mocks him with a dance. Fandango comes back with some punches and a kick to the head, then he applies a three-quarters facelock but Santino makes it up so Fandango drops him with a punch to the stomach. Santino pops up and throws a few punches and hiptosses him, then he sets up a Cobra Strike but Fandango ducks and hits a reverse STO for the win.

Winner – Fandango

Booker T and Teddy Long are shown talking about new changes, and Booker says he’s upset that Teddy made a match without talking to him. Big Show walks in and thanks Teddy for giving him a tag partner, and rips in to Booker for trying to get him hurt in a handicap match. Show thanks Teddy again and leaves, then Booker looks at Teddy, but Teddy pays no attention and tells Show to wait up for him.