WWE Smackdown Results (3/1) – Fandango’s “Debut”, Miz vs Cesaro 2/3 Falls, Orton vs Big Show

WWE SmackdownWWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

March 1st 2013

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Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. Alberto Del Rio makes his way to the ring. Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring, with a mic. Damien speaks of how Alberto fits in with America, with poor grammar, lackluster word choice and abhorrent sentence structure. Above all, Sandow says Alberto is accompanied by a man in a rented tuxedo in a spit bucket. Damien says he is only accompanied by his superior intellect, timeless good looks and the jealous gazes of the unwashed masses. Alberto says Sandow should wash his mouth out, because it smells like “cacka.”

World Heavyweight Champion Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Damien Sandow

Damien and Alberto lock up, as Damien gets a Side Headlock. Sandow is thrown off the ropes, as Del Rio is taken down with a shoulder. They lock up again, as Alberto gets a Side Headlock applied. Del Rio is thrown against the ropes, as he takes out Damien with shoulders. Damien escapes to the apron, but returns. Sandow kicks Del Rio, following with a Headlock Takeover. Del Rio pushes Damien in the corner. Sandow kicks Del Rio, throwing Alberto into the corner. Del Rio kicks Damien, putting him back in the corner. Alberto connects with a kick following a Snapmare. Del Rio connects with a Body Slam, following with a Moonsault from the second rope. Pin, but a kick out. Sandow begins headbutting Del Rio. Damien connects with a Suplex. Pin, but a kick out. Damien locks in a Headlock.Del Rio stands out, throwing fists.Sandow throws Del Rio to the mat, and begins stomping him.

Damien connects with a Knee Drop. Pin, but a kick out. Damien locks in a Headlock, as Del Rio stands out. Del Rio throws Sandow to the ropes, but is taken out with a shoulder. Damien is tripped with a Drop Toe Hold. Pin, but a kick out. Del Rio whips Damien into the corner, as Sandow goes off the second rope. Del Rio kicks Sandow’s chest. Sandow rolls to the apron, as he is hit with an Enziguri. Sandow falls to the floor. Damien connects with a Body Slam. Damien connects with an Elbow of Distain. Pin, but a kick out. Damien throws punches, following with knees to the shoulder of a grounder Del Rio. Damien connects with a knee to the back, locking in a Chinlock. Del Rio punches out, also connecting with a headbutt. Damien runs the ropes, kicking a bowing Del Rio. (Cont'd…)