Ryback Heel Turn in the Works?, Shawn Michaels’ Wardrobe Through the Years

RybackRyback Heel Turn in the Works?

According to F4WOnline.com, a Ryback heel turn has been teased recently, with him losing high profile tag team matches and walking out on his partners at Elimination Chamber.

If WWE does in fact go through with the Ryback heel turn, he would likely feud with John Cena after WrestleMania. The fear in that, however, is that Ryback is somewhat limited in the ring, and his character might seriously suffer if he loses the support of the fans.

HBK's Wardrobe Through the Years

Arda Ocal of The Baltimore Sun has posted a slide show taking a look at Shawn Michaels' wardrobe changes throughout the years. The slide show begins with HBK in 1988 and ends with him on his appreciation night in 2012. You can check out the gallery of photos by CLICKING HERE.