Wrestling Personalities React to Swagger’s Arrest, WWE Officials Very High on The Shield

The ShieldWWE Officials Very High on The Shield

According to The Wrestling Observer, all three members of The Shield are receiving rave reviews backstage in WWE. Individually, WWE officials feel every member of the group has breakout potential, with Roman Reigns having the look and intensity of a top guy, Rollins having great in-ring ability, and Dean Ambrose having the "it" factor which separates him from the rest of the group. Ambrose has been compared to the likes of Terry Funk, which considered a high compliment.

Wrestling Personalities React to Swagger's Arrest

The following wrestling personalities have Tweeted their reactions to the recent Jack Swagger arrest:

Jim Ross: "Lots of legal experts on Twitter. Almost gleeful that a #WWE star made an apparent bonehead mistake. Due process/facts appear ill relevant … Now being lectured by people I don't even know 4 Swagger's mistakes. He made an error. Don't know the consequences but I won't bail on him."

MVP: "I wish he had been pulled over in Washington or Colorado."

Lance Storm: "To everyone asking about Swagger. A very unfortunate mistake, I have no idea what the fall out will be, but DUIs R irresponsible & Stupid … Could be very costly mistake."

Tommy Dreamer: "Don't kick a man when he is down We have all made mistakes nobody feeling worse than @RealJackSwagger I'm sure. Offer support not hate."