WWE Hall of Famer Updates the Condition of Jake Roberts

Steve AustinWWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin spoke on the condition of Jake "the Snake" Roberts during a  recent interview promoting his DVD "The Package". Roberts has been living with former WWE and WCW wrestler DDP on the road to recovery, with recent news being that Scott Hall has joined the household as well. 

"Dallas Page is one of my best friends, and I talk with DDP all the time. Jake is in there, doing the DDP Yoga, cleaned up, and he's been sober for I don't know how long. His mind is back, and Jake is one of the best guys to ever get in the business. I'm a big fan – he's one of my favorite workers. I don't know Jake as well as some, but I got my fingers crossed that he continues going down the path that he's on. I'm real proud of him for getting his life back." 

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