Backstage Reaction To WWE Elimination Chamber, Lillian Garcia Plays Up Jack Swagger “Racist” Angle

Positive Reaction For WWE Elimination Chamber Event

According to, the backstage feel after WWE Elimination Chamber was nothing but positive responses. They wanted to make sure to spotlight some of the younger guys, specifically The Shield, while keeping their "main eventers" in risk of being harmed. The feel backstage was also positive for Mark Henry and Jack Swagger, as they feel both of these returning superstars did a great job inside the Chamber match. There is also much excitement for the announcement of Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans next year.

Lilian Garcia Tweets Her Anger

In what could be the first of many people helping out the storyline featuring Jack Swagger and Alberto Del Rio, Lilian Garcia posted the following tweet after hearing Swagger's State of the Union address on WWE Raw last night.