Exclusive: What Happened To DX/Hall of Fame Induction?

DX Hall of FameWe had reported prior to the announcement of Bruno Sammartino going into the Hall of Fame at Madison Square Garden that D-Generation X was the front-runner to join Mick Foley on top of this year's class. I've since learned that while that idea was certainly being discussed, it would have likely not happened, regardless of Bruno's involvement.

Vince McMahon was said to be the one really pushing for the DX induction this year. However, Hunter was said to be resisting that decision, for now. He wants to go into he Hall of Fame by himself before being inducted with D-Generation X. He would have likely won that battle in the end. 

There was no talk of putting Hunter in by himself this particular year, as he'll be working more matches in the future.

If Bruno Sammartino was not worked out for this year's HOF class, I'm hearing that Kevin Nash most likely would have been the co-headliner along with Mick Foley.