WWE Survivor Series Results (11/18) – Traditional Elimination Matches, New Debuts, Does Punk Make His Reign A Full Year?

WWE Survivor SeriesWWE Survivor Series Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

November 18th 2012

Traditional Survivor Series Match

Brodus Clay, International Airstrike, Sin Cara & Rey Mysterio

vs Tensai, Prime Time Players & Primo & Epico (w/ Rosa Mendes)

Kidd puts Epico in a headlock then Epico reverses it, but Kidd again counters and sends him into the ropes and gets a bridge near fall pin. Kidd tries to tie Epico up again but he makes it to the ropes, but Epico crawls under the ropes and snaps Kidd's head down before sliding in and getting a two count. Kidd surprises him with an armdrag then Gabriel tags in and whips him into the ropes, then he connects with a spinning heel kick before tagging out. Rey kicks Epico but Epico comes back with a strike, then he throws Rey into the corner and makes a tag but Rey kicks Young in the face and slams him down on the mat.

Cara makes a cover but Young kicks out, then Primo tags in and Cara hits a springboard crossbody for a near fall before Primo clotheslines him for a near fall. Tensai comes in and knocks him down before Titus slams him into the turnbuckles, then Primo puts Cara in a Camel Clutch before tagging out. Tensai goes to the opposite corner and gets caught offgaurd by Brodus, then Brodus tags in and he hits a running splash before Rey and Cara dive on Primo and Epico. Tensai and Brodus have a faceoff but Brodus lands an Exploder suplex, then he goes for a running splash but Tensai moves and slams him down for the first elimination.

Titus comes in and slams Gabriel on the mat before putting him in an abdominal stretch, then he slams him to the mat and hits a backbreaker while Tensai blindtags in. Tensai hits a backsplash, but Gabriel avoids another one and rolls up Tensai for the suprise elimination, then Tensai clotheslines him on the way out. Epico slams Gabriel on the mat and puts him in a headlock, then Gabriel breaks it and makes the tag to Kidd, who tries dropkicking Epico on the apron. Primo brings Kidd on the apron and throws him into the corner, then Kidd throws a few punches but Titus tags in and bodyslams him on the mat. Titus throws him to the apron but Kidd surprises him with a quick enziguiri, then Kidd rolls him up for another elimination and Epico tags in and suplexes him. (Cont'd…)