WWE Smackdown Results (10/26) – Divas Title Match Added To HIAC, Orton vs Barrett, Big Show & Sheamus Face Off

Layla & Kaitlyn vs Eve Torres & Aksana

Aksana backs Layla into the ropes and kicks her in the stomach, then Layla comes back with a rollup attempt and slams Aksana's head into the turnbuckles. Kaitlyn tags in and knocks Aksana on the mat, then she picks her up and hits a backbreaker before attacking Eve on the apron. Aksana hits her from behind and kicks her in the stomach, then Eve tags in and kicks her in the face before going for a near fall. Eve chokes her on the ropes and goes for a leg lariat but Kaitlyn rolls away and knees her in the back. Kaitlyn goes for a rollup and hits a few clotheslines, then she pulls Aksana in the ring and clotheslines them both. Layla jumps in and kicks Aksana in the stomach, then Kaitlyn holds Eve and tells Layla to hit her. Layla goes for a Bombshell kick but Eve ducks, and Layla accidentally hits Kaitlyn and Eve shoves her back and covers Kaitlyn for the win.

Winners – Eve Torres & Aksana

Booker T finds Sheamus and says he needs him to promise he won't go after Big Show, and he talked to Show and he agreed. Sheamus says that's a lie and he can't believe Booker fell for it, and he says he can't promise anything to him. We cut to Daniel Bryan getting ready for his match, and Kane walks in behind him and says he already won his match. He says that means he's not the weak link of their team, and Bryan needs to win to prove himself. Bryan's music cues up and Kane says that's for him, then he slaps him on the back and says there's no pressure before chuckling to himself.

Daniel Bryan vs Damien Sandow

Bryan uppercuts Sandow a few times and follows him around the ring, then Sandow rams his shoulder into Bryan's ribs but Bryan comes back with a drop toe hold. Bryan hits a missile dropkick for a near fall, then he puts him in an elevated armbar and hooks his free arm as we go to a break. When we get back, Sandow kicks Bryan in the knees and stomps his legs, then he hits a side Russian legsweep and follows with the Elbow of Disdain for a near fall. Sandow applies a side headlock but Bryan elbows his way out, then Sandow clotheslines him and whips him into the corner. (Cont'd…)