Angelina Love Speaks On Possibly Going To WWE, Beautiful People Reunion, Why She Left TNA, Hogan/Bischoff reader Monday Night Mayhem sent along the following …

Interview highlights courtesy of Paterson, MNM’s associate producer & official correspondent:

Why she felt the time was right to leave TNA/iMPACT Wrestling and start a new chapter in her career: “There’s no big fancy story, there’s no scandal. It’s nothing too big. I spoke to all the appropriate people. It was just my time. It was just my time to go. I was there for five years, was a five-time Knockouts Champion and one-time (Knockouts) Tag Team Champ, and did a lot with a lot of people storyline-wise. I guess I accomplished everything you could. Of course, I was always coming up with ideas, and wanting to do more, and trying to be creative, and get myself into this storyline and that storyline. Some things were being talked about, but mutually and completely amicably, we just decided it was my time, and that was it.”

Whether or not there was a noticeable difference in the direction of the Knockouts division after Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff joined the company: “I don’t know really. I find (Hulk) Hogan to be very, very cool. He was super supportive of the Knockouts division, and would always watch our matches, and give feedback, and was like ‘You girls kick ass.’ I think they know that the Knockouts division is a big part TNA, and it really helps out the show, but they are pretty supportive of it.”

How the idea for the upcoming Beautiful People reunion (featuring herself and Velvet Sky) came about: “We wanted to get The Beautiful People back together. The fans really wanted to see it too, and we really wanted to give that to the fans. We both get tweeted that numerous times every day from fans wondering when we were going to get back together in TNA and how they wanted to see it. We both still wanted to do it, because it was just so fun. With me leaving and with Velvet leaving, we kind of just said we could do whatever we want now, so it was just a given. For at least the next two and a half months, we have a lot of stuff coming up together.”

The level of interest on her end to sign with the WWE if the opportunity presented itself: “Yeah absolutely, I would love to. I think that would be awesome. It would be really, really fun. I really haven’t worked with many of the girls there, so it would be all new possibilities, and that’s fun.”

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