CM Punk Reveals More About New WWE Title Design, Speaks on His Favorite Match of 2012, Takes Shot at TNA & More

CM PunkA fan who attended the Wizard World Comic Con event, which featured a Q&A with WWE Champion CM Punk, posted his in depth thoughts on the event at Below are highlights, and you can read much more by clicking on the above link:

CM Punk talked about a new design for the WWE Championship title. I think he said it’s coming soon and it will be something he helped create. He teased that it could happen at SummerSlam or maybe at the next Pay-Per-View after SummerSlam which is in Boston, John Cena’s hometown.

Punk was asked if he could work with anyone, who would it be and Punk said Samoa Joe. Punk was also asked which wrestler from an independent company he would like to see in the WWE. Punk said Samoa Joe again. The fan said that Samoa Joe works for TNA and Punk said something like, “I know. You said indy didn’t you?”

CM Punk said his match against Daniel Bryan at Over The Limit was probably his favorite match of 2012.

Someone asked Punk what he thought about facing Bryan in a submission match and Punk said he would love for that to happen.