Former WWE Diva Maria Accuses Kelly Kelly Of Having An Affair, Kelly Responds

Kelly KellyFormer WWE performer Maria Kanellis is a regular on where a post-Raw show is aired with a roundtable panel. This past week, Kanellis had some interesting comments for curent WWE performer Kelly Kelly.

When speaking about Kelly Kelly's first appearance and win on Raw in months, Kanellis said,

"There was a lot of speculation that [Kelly Kelly] was leaving for good. So they must have come to terms on her contract and she's still here."

Co-host Josh Padgett and special guest Nigel McGuinness then ask Kanellis whether she had "backstage heat" with Kelly when the two worked for WWE together.

Kanellis responded with:

"I just think that sometimes you gotta be careful what photos end up on the Internet when people are involved with other people because it makes us girls that work our tails off to be very good individuals and be good at our job look trashy," stated Kanellis, who prides herself in being a 'Lady.'

McGuinness says he never saw "those photos" and jokingly talked about Kelly Kelly setting up a website with them on it. "Trending now, naked pictures of Kelly Kelly," McGuiness says.

Kanellis responded with,

"I don't mind those, naked it up if you're by yourself, but if you're with someone else's someone else…I don't like that. Scandalous and I don't like it. It's exact opposite of what I'm about. I think that you have to be careful with that stuff. Especially if you're trying to change…"

Kanellis is then instructed by the producer to change the subject to Kelly's match.

She responds, "I don't want to go the next match." She then continues,

"Especially if you're trying to change the opinions people are having about a certain group of individuals. You know what I mean? I have a problem with that because I fought my entire life to try and be just as strong as men and just as smart, and of course, the first thing that happens, is I get a stupid gimmick. So what did I do? I got on Celebrity Apprentice. And as soon as I was out of WWE, I started to make a change with my life, but it was not random photos of me with someone else's someone else—because they don't go away."

Regarding the photos in question, in 2009 there were pictures which surfaced online of Kelly Kelly and married WWE talent Chris Jericho together as well as kissing.

Kelly Kelly appeared to respond on Twitter by saying,

"I will never mention your name, you will never be relevant. If I have something to say about you, I will say it to you ☺ #thebiggerperson."

Kanellis responded with a tweet that she later deleted that read,

"Relevant enough to call me. #IMALADY."

Kanellis then had one final tweet that remains which said,

"@afterbuzztv is a show about a show. Every show discusses the show, news and gossip. If you don't like you're dirty laundry aired maybe you should be more careful about what shows up on the Internet."

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