Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Results (7/11): Louisville, Kentucky

Report by [email protected] and F4WOnline.com

Here’s the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television report for episode#673, which was taped in Louisville on July 11th, with an air date in Louisville of July 14th. This episode is already available at www.ovwrestling.com. This is the show coming off the major July 7th Saturday Night Special that saw OVW owner Danny Davis regain storyline control of the company from heelish “Talent Arbitrator” Josette Bynum in a best of 7 series of matches ordered by OVW Board of Directors member Ken Wayne. Of course it predictably came down the end of the last match, a 5 on 5 steel cage gauntlet match, to decide it. But all is right in the OVW world once again, at least for now. Wayne also had stripped all the current champions of their titles, and all the title vacancies were refilled at the July 7th show.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey & Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers for this episode. Ron Hed was the ring announcer.

OVW Homecoming 8 will be held at the Davis Arena this Sunday, July 15th. Jim Cornette and Kenny Bolin will be inducted into the OVW Hall of honor at this show.

This episode opened with a highlights video of the 5 on 5 steel cage gauntlet match from the Saturday Night Special. TNA’s Abyss appeared in this match, and this was the match that won OVW back for Danny Davis.

They had a new show opening, since Josette Bynum is no longer in charge of OVW, or Jo-VW as she called it, and the new opening has a graphic mentioning OVW is the official developmental territory for TNA.

Dean Hill was in the ring, with the OVW roster surrounding the ring. Hill spoke about how OVW has been shackled and bound for much of 2012 with Josette Bynum in charge. Hill then brought out OVW owner Danny Davis, to a large ovation.

Davis called this a historic day, and then called Mohamad Ali Vaez, who is now a babyface here, into the ring. Davis spoke of the extreme importance of Vaez fighting for OVW on Saturday night, because had he just laid down and lost to support Bynum’s “Family”, which he was still in at the time, then then Bynum would still be in charge here.

Rob Terry interrupted the proceedings, and said he laid down and let Vaez beat him awhile back to regain the OVW TV title, and Vaez should have laid down for the sake of “The Family” at the Saturday Night Special. Actually, Terry was 100% correct about that. Vaez didn’t lay down because the TV title was more important to him than the “Family” was, it wasn’t so much to support OVW as it was a selfish move on his part, but he’s now being cast in the hero role here. Davis ordered Terry to take his “Big jakked up ass out of the ring”, and then yelling “I’m in charge”!!!

Davis shook Vaez’ hand, and said that Vaez knows that OVW has put 115 people in the WWE and TNA, and Jo-VW didn’t. The crowd chanted for Vaez. Davis then thanked the whole OVW roster, and again reminded Josette Bynum that he’s in charge here.

Davis then announced an 8 team tag team tournament for the “Nightmare cup”, which he said will be an annual event. Davis said since his old partner Ken Wayne was involved here, this was a good time to start this. “The Best Team Ever”(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz), who are the current OVW Southern Tag team champions, and members of Bynum’s “Family”, got into the ring and said they should be in this tournament. Davis agreed, and said tonight they would face “The Mascara Mafia”(Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa) in a Nightmare Cup match. BTE beat the MM to win the vacant tag titles back in a ladder match this past Saturday.

Davis then announced a 6 man scramble match for tonight to determine the new #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight title, which Johnny Spade regained on Saturday Night at the end of the 5 on 5 steel cage gauntlet match, beating Rob Terry in the finale to win it.

Davis then called Josette Bynum into the ring. Trailer Park Trash also got into the ring. TPT is again the Director of wresting operations of OVW, and Davis said it was a 24 hour a day job, and said Bynum is now TPT’s assistant, and if she doesn’t like that, she can quit. TPT was Bynum’s assistant when she was in charge, but they really didn’t do anything with it. A good opening segment, since Davis is so strong on the mic.

1. “The Mascara Mafia”(Paredyse & Brandon Espinosa) beat “The Best Team Ever”(Rudy Switchblade & Jessie Godderz) in a first round Nightmare Cup tournament match

Dean Hill was really banging the Danny Davis is back in charge of OVW drum hard on commentary. Back and forth match early until Espinosa ended up taking the heat. The Mascara Mafia came back and got the win when Paredyse pinned Rudy Switchblade following a double team move by he and Espinosa. So the current OVW tag team champions are already out of the Nightmare Cup tourney.

Ted McNaler & Adam Revolver were shown working, cleaning up animal poop to be exact, “Somewhere on a farm”. They were both complaining about all the work they had done, and how much they hated growing up here. McNaler’s girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, rode by on a horse and said how lucky the boys were to grow up here, and reminded them that they are all their Mom has left. It seems past Mobile Homers haven’t met a great fate, Dewey for example, we found out here is now serving hard time in prison for some shenanigans he has been pulling in the basement. Since when does a mobile home have a basement?? McNaler accidentally ripped his shirt on the fence post, and it ripped at the top of the sleeve. McNaler wore a sleeveless shirt as a Mobile Homer. Revolver took his shirt off, and was wearing a white wife beater underneath, which was what he wore as a Mobile Homer. As the Boys shovel went to the shit, Dean Hill’s voice told us the Boys were in this thing deep now….

Prince Bolin, with Bolin Services 2.0, cut a backstage promo. Bolin announced he had not one, but two, teams entered into the Nightmare Cup, Jack Black & Joe Coleman, and Rocco Bellagio & Jason Wayne. Wayne isn’t in BS 2.0, but he joined the troops here, with Prince Bolin calling him a “Hired gun”.

2. Ryan “Skidmarks” Howe beat Danny Todd

The returning Ryan Howe came out here playing some hot rock licks on his guitar, which is a gimmick I really like. Howe is a Hell of a guitar player. Howe then beat Danny Todd quickly with a Buff Blockbuster.

Raphael Constantine was backstage practicing his apology to his Ladies for losing Ralphie the stuffed bear back to Tony Gunn, its rightful owner, on Saturday night. But before he could, Constantine found one of his ladies, Bobbie Bardot, who is Al Snow’s wife, on the phone all excited talking about an audition she had scored. When she got off the phone, she more or less blew Constantine off.

Meanwhile elsewhere backstage, Jessie Belle, speaking in a horribly fake southern accent, offered the once again OVW Woman’s champion, Taeler Hendrix, who was with her boyfriend Dylan Bostic, a chocolate. Hendrix ate it, and Jessie Belle then told Hendrix it was a chocolate larvae, which caused Hendrix to run away, gagging. Jessie Belle then produced an insect lollipop called a “Cricket Lick-it”….

3. James “Moose” Thomas & Michael Hayes beat Los Ben Dejos(Cruz & Rios) in a first round Nightmare Cup match

This was the debut here for Los Ben Dejos, and I hope they come back, they were fun to watch. Los Ben Dejos got the better of Michael Hayes early. Later in the match, Hayes oddly fell off the top rope, and his fake leg came off. Not sure of hie leg buckled on him up there legit or not. Looked strange. Los Ben Dejos threw the fake leg out of the ring and beat on Hayes. Hayes finally tagged Moose in, and Moose pinned Cruz of Los Ben Dejos after a double team move.

Ted McNaler and Adam Revolver were back in their trailer park eating Mom’s BBQ chicken, watching Nascar, and drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. McNaler mentioned how he had to take the sleeves off of the shirt he ripped earlier. Brittany DeVore came into the room and said Mom wouldn’t like the Boys drinking, but the Boys told Brittany to cut them some slack, because they are getting along now. Mom came into the room, and the Boys hid the beer. Mom said she had a test for them next week to see how well they are getting along. The Boys then sent a somewhat reluctant DeVore to the fridge to get them more beers.

4. Jamin Olivencia beat Jason Wayne w/Prince Bolin, Mohamad Ali Vaez, Cliff Compton, Chris Silvio w/Mo Green & Mary Jane and Rob Terry in a 6 man scramble match to become the #1 contender for the OVW Heavyweight title

TV main event time. OVW Heavyweight champion “Smooth” Johnny Spade joined the announce desk for this one, with mixed results. The rules of this scramble match are soon as one man leaves the ring, another comes in. Eliminations by pinfall or submission. Rob Terry did a number on all the other competitors early, one by one. To the point that there was then a huddle on the floor on how to handle Rob Terry. Everyone then focused their attack on Terry. Mohamad Ali Vaez pinned Rob Terry after hitting his running neckbreaker finisher on him, but Chris Silvio was also holding Terry’s legs down from the floor to make sure he was eliminated. Jason Wayne was the only heel left in the match, so all the babyfaces took turns beating on him. But Silvio and Cliff Compton are in a bitter face vs face feud here now, and Vaez and Jamin Olivencia are long time bitter rivals, so there wasn’t a lot of love between the faces here either. Jason Wayne introduced a chair to the match, which backfired on him. During the chair fracus, Cliff Compton pinned Chris Silvio with a roll up, even though referee Chris Sharpe was late getting back into the ring to count it. Sharpe was concerned about why a chair was laying in the ring though. Silvio hit Compton with his “Rocket punch” after he lost, and Vaez then pinned Compton after hitting his running neckbreaker on him. The very evenly matched Vaez and Olivencia then went back and forth with some good action, until Jason Wayne pinned Vaez after attacking him from behind when Prince Bolin caused a distraction. Wayne and Olivencia then went at it heatedly. Wayne though stopped to showboat, even putting his sunglasses on. Bad mistake. Wayne went for his full nelson slam finisher, but Olivencia reversed it, and hit his “O Drop” clamping DDT finisher to win it, and become the new #1 contender to the OVW Heavyweight title. Olivencia faced Spade for the title at a house show in Louisville shortly after the first time Spade won the OVW title a few months ago, with Spade winning what was said to be a good match then.