Impact Wrestling Results (5/31) – Impact Goes Live, Daniels Reveals More ‘Evidence’, Slammiversary Main Event Announced

Hulk Hogan is shown talking to Taz backstage, and he says he is glad that he didn't sugarcoat anything when alot of other guys could have lied to him. Taz says Hulk knows him as a commentator, but he is going to get the real Taz tonight, and he knows some people don't like that guy. Hulk says he doesn't care about that because he is going to decide someone's career path because this is important to their future. Taz says he is glad to be a part of it and he is excited to work with Bruce Prichard and Al Snow, then they shake hands and Hulk welcomes him as a Gut Check judge. 

We see the judges having a debate about Joey Ryan, and the majority decision is that he has a unique look but he didn't look like he was ready for a fight. Bruce says he has one more shot at impressing them tonight, then Al says they might see heart and Taz asks if he didn't have any. Al says they just might see more out of him, and he says he was impresed enough and Taz says they will see what happens later. We cut to Jeremy Broash with the TV title contenders backstage, and he goes over the candidates and tells us to vote now because the match is coming up next. 

Dixie Carter comes to the ring and asks how everyone is doing, and she says it's hard to believe that they are celebrating their tenth anniversary in ten days. She says they couldn't do it without the fans, and they will have a great honor at the show by inducting the first TNA Hall of Fame inductee. Dixie says she is sure they heard the rumors, and she loves the Knockouts more than anyone so she wants them to be great. She says she wants all the help she can get, and she found someone perfect for the role, then she welcomes Brooke Hogan to the company. (Cont'd…)