Ultimate Warrior Speaks Openly About Relationship w/ McMahon

WrestleZone.com reader Mister sent along the following …

The Ultimate Warrior joined Mister Saint Laurent on MLW Radio, the official podcast of Major League Wrestling. The interview shatters a lot of myths and preconceived notions about the man that would become one of WWE’s biggest stars of all time. In part 1 of the revealing and honest conversation, Warrior spoke for the first time about the time he would spend at the McMahon home as a member of the family.

“For me it was really unique, maybe more unique than for anybody else. Whenever I would go to Stamford, I didn’t stay at a hotel. I just went straight out to Vince’s house, Vince and Linda’s home. Shane was there at the time. He was in high school. I had a big brother, little brother relationship with him. That’s the way that I would describe it. I was very close to all of them.”

“I remember taking long walks on the property out there with Vince. I remember talking about that even beyond the Ultimate Warrior’s time as the champion or the thing of today that years down the road that he would still be Ultimate Warrior as a persona and me as a person would still be a part of this family. It was very close and very intimate. I don’t think that it’s like that at all today and I don’t remember anybody else being given that courtesy or allowed that openness to their family as I was back then.”

You can listen to part 1 of the Ultimate Warrior episode of MLW Radio for FREE at www.MLW.com and on iTunes (search: MLW Radio) and syndicated via www.Stitcher.com

Other topics include:

-What really happened backstage after Summerslam ’91

-What Hulk Hogan said years later in depositions

-His thoughts on his WWF peers that vilified him

-Why he never wasted time disputing all of the verbal attacks he’s endured over the years

-WWE firing him for a drug test failure that actually never occurred

-How Linda convinced him to retun in 1996

-The status of his upcoming reality show

-CM Punk

-What Warrior’s day to day life is like

-Future plans for the Ultimate Warrior character

-Transitioning into a career as an artist

-Life after wrestling and how much he’s enjoyed it.

Part 2 of this tell all interview will be released next Thursday, May 10th at www.MLW.com. Before that, on Monday, MLW’s Konnan Show, a new podcast series featuring Lucha Legend and powerbroker Konnan drops episode 2 featuring an in-depth talk with Teddy Hart talking about CM Punk and several controversial subjects.

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