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Here's the Ohio Valley Wrestling Television taping report for April 11th, 2012. I want to give a special thanks to Larry Goodman for covering for me by doing these reports for the last three weeks while I was off in Miami for Wrestlemania, as well as other vacation, and non-vacation, related things. Thanks a lot Larry, and great job with the reports!

This was the taping following the April 7th Saturday Night Special that saw the heelish "Talent Arbitrator" Josette Bynum gain full storyline control of OVW when one of her "Family" members, Rob Terry, beat Trailer Park Trash, who was the babyface "Director of wrestling operations" going into that match. Terry beat TPT by hitting him with a roll of quarters. The DVD of that show is already available.

Dean Hill, Gilbert Corsey, and Kenny Bolin were the TV announcers tonight. Ron Hed and Brittany DeVore were the ring announcers. The crowd was very large for a TV taping, in the 200 range, but they weren't always the most lively bunch, but then again, they weren't treated to a great deal of action tonight. If you like talking segments, then buddy this was the show for you. If you like wrestling, then this wasn't the show for you.

The April 7th Louisville Courier-Journal featured a front page article on one legged Iraq war hero Michael Hayes. Here's the link.

The next OVW Overview podcast, co-hosted by Larry Goodman, Mohamad Ali Vaez, and myself, will be taped live this Sunday, April 15th at 2 PM Eastern time. Our special guest this month will be Dean Hill, doing his first podcast interview ever. Should be a lot of fun, check it out live, or anytime after that on the archive, at this link.

1. Mohamad Ali Vaez beat Daniel Pruce

Dark match. Vaez took the mic before the match and complained about the "cowardly" Jamin Olivencia getting Vaez disqualified at the April 7th Saturday Night Special by purposely going over the top rope. I sure didn't see it that way myself. Vaez then beat young Daniel Pruce, who is from Austria, in short order with his running neckbreaker finisher.

2. Taeler Hendrix w/Dylan Bostic beat Heather Owens by submission

Also a dark match. Owens is a blonde chick with a lot of tattoos from Cincinnati. She had "H2O" emblazoned on her rear end. Hendrix, the current OVW Womens champion, has turned heelish, and is certainly wearing the pants, and calling the shots, in her relationship with Dylan Bostic. This went a little while, and wasn't especially good or bad. The flexible Hendrix got the win by submission by bridging over backwards and pulling back on Owens' neck.

3. Rob Terry beat Tony Gunn

Yet another dark match. Tony Gunn is now wrestling in slacks, a bow tie, but no shirt, and extolling the virtues of his ever present "Happy pills". In fact, Gunn said Rob Terry needed a happy pill, and offered him a few, but Terry was not amused, knocked the pills away, and beat Gunn quickly with a chokeslam. Who's happy now?

The TV taping opened with a several minutes long video recapping the April 7th Saturday Night Special. A very well done piece. OVW has done a remarkable job in general of stepping it up in the last several months as far as video packages goes.

Out to the ring came Josette Bynum, along with "The Family", consisting of Rob Terry, Jessie Godderz, Rudy Switchblade, and Mohamad Ali Vaez. Bynum was mocking Trailer Park Trash here by wearing suspenders with her outfit, and a TPT like hat. Next came a VERY, and I do mean VERY long talking segment, as Bynum established herself as now being fully in control of OVW, or Jo-VW as she called it, and she wanted to find out who was with her, and who was against her, and it took a Hell of a long time to do it. The crowd was fairly quiet for a lot of this, which made it seem worse than it was. I didn't think it was that bad myself, just really long. Here's a recap of what went down..

Bynum first called out Martin Richardson, who runs the production end of OVW, and was the man who put the show opening video together. Bynum then fired Richardson for not receiving permission from her ahead of time to use that footage for the video.

Bynum then called out Trailer Park Trash, AKA Frank Miller, and said she would keep him around to do menial jobs, like "Taking out the Trash". TPT came out briefly, said he was only keeping the job because he had a daughter to raise, then he dropped the mic and left.

Bynum then addressed OVW owner Danny Davis saying Davis wasn't here, but instead was at home on the couch adjusting the string in his sweatpants. Bynum said Davis still owns OVW, but she now runs the TV show, and the OVW Board of Directors has voted "No confidence" in Davis. Ok, this made no sense. Davis really should have been there front and center during this segments.

Bynum then ordered the entire OVW roster to come out, to see who was with her, and who was against her. Jobber Chase King was the first to join up and be with her, besides "The Family" of course.

Bynum said she knew OVW Heavyweight champion Johnny Spade was a lost cause, but offered his once again friend, Shiloh Jonze, another title shot at Spade if Jonze joined up with her. Jonze rebuked Bynum.

Bynum then told Raul Lamotta he'd be defending his newly won OVW Southern tag team titles tonight. Lamotta said no because his partner Anarquia is not here tonight. Bynum said she knows that, because she sent Anarquia to Ashland, Ky for an autograph signing, so Lamotta would have to go it alone tonight. Gee, shouldn't these OVW babyfaces get a lot smarter and figure out what's going on when Bynum sends them way out of town the night they tape TV? Duh.

Mohamad Ali Vaez took the mic and said Bynum should address the actions by the "cowardly" Jamin Olivencia this past Saturday. A bit of dissension was again teased with Vaez and "The Family" as Bynum sort of blew Vaez off, and said she'd address that issue later, which she never did on this show.

Taeler Hendrix, with Dylan Bostic in tow, got in the ring and joined up with Bynum. Bynum and Hendrix were rivals for the OVW Womens title, and Bynum basically told Hendrix to show her something, and these two still don't like each other at all. Hendrix was showing a very heelish attitude.

Brandon Espinosa came out, with his "friend" Chris, and complained to Bynum about Paredyse showing an incriminating video about him tonight. Paredyse, who did not join up with Bynum, said there was a contract, and that video would air tonight. Bynum didn't like that at all.

Bynum then asked Bolin Services 2.0 where they stood. They joined with Bynum, but Prince Bolin said there had to be several conditions to it. Bolin then asked James "Moose" Thomas to rejoin their group. Moose went babyface this past Saturday, and was on the floor with Michael Hayes, and Mickey, the simple former BS 2.0 personal assistant, and Bolin abusing Mickey is what led to the Moose face turn. Moose told Bolin to stick it, which got a big pop.

Bynum asked where OVW TV champion Chris Silvio was, but he wasn't out at ringside with the rest of the troops.

Johnny Spade finally told everyone who wasn't with Bynum to go to the back with him. Whew…

By the way, the whole time this was going on Ted McNaler was arguing with his girlfriend, ring announcer Brittany DeVore, on the floor. While that was going on, Adam Revolver was on the floor, peeking around the ringpost to eavesdrop on the argument between DeVore and McNaler, and Revolver had a big devious grin on his face. At the very end of the segment, Revolver slid into the ring and joined up with Bynum, behind DeVore's back. That was funny.

Alex Silva was walking down the hall backstage. He was stopped by Bynum to find out where he stood, but Silva didn't seem to give her a definite answer either way. Silva then went to the ring leading to..

4. Alex Silva beat ???

This was the first match of the TV taping, finally. Didn't catch the name of Silva's opponent here, but it was a very tall Black guy, who was in pretty decent shape. Silva slipped, and fell off the top rope during his introduction, which seemed to anger and embarrass Silva greatly legit, and this isn't a guy I'd want to be around if he was angry. Silva slapped his opponent across the face hard, and then won very quickly with his "Silva Surfer" running knee finisher.

Soon as Silva went backstage, he was met by Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze, who asked if he was with them, or Josette Bynum. Silva again didn't give a straight answer.

Randy Royal came to the ring and grabbed a mic, great, just what we need here, more talking. Royal called out Dylan Bostic, and "his little prostatot" Taeler Hendrix. Prostatot…LOL! Ok, that was funny.

Hendrix again did the talking for Bostic here, calling herself the "Leading lady", and argued with Royal. Not sure when Royal turned babyface here, or even if he did, but he was suddenly in the face role in this segment here, since Hendrix has become such a royal b###h. Black lady wrestler Epiphany came out and joined the fray, and some bad brawling went on, until Josette Bynum came out and made this an official mixed tag match, leading to…

5. Dylan Bostic & Taeler Hendrix beat Randy Royal & Epiphany

The OVW track meet was on as Epiphany chased Hendrix around on the floor, but Hendrix got the better of her. Hendrix then got in Randy Royal's face in the ring, allowing Dylan Bostic to roll up Royal for the win very quickly. Sheesh, what a waste of time and breath this was.

They brought out the set for "A moment in Paredyse", a set that gets scaled down more every time it seems. heh

Paredyse came out and said it was finally time to show the video he has on Brandon Espinosa. Paredsye said Espinosa says he Paredyse is "different", but that Espinosa actually hates himself. Espinosa came out and told Paredyse not to show the video, but Paredyse said hit it, as the lights went out in the Davis arena.

The video was titles "Espy's totally straight day out". It showed Espinosa walking into a club, that I was told is a gay bar in Louisville called "Connections". heh The video then showed someone grabbing Espinosa's ass, Espinosa checking out some dudes muscles, Espinosa dancing with some guy, and then at a table holding hands with some guy. The video then stopped and went to a test pattern.

Josette Bynum then appeared on the video screens from an office, and said that's all of the video that was going to be shown, and warned Paredyse not to mess with her. Paredyse was upset, and said show the rest, and seemed to indicate it ended with Espinosa kissing a man. Well, I think what was shown was more than enough to make one wonder about Espinosa's sexual preferences.

6. Jessie Godderz & Rudy Switchblade w/Josette Bynum beat Raul Lamotta to win the OVW Southern Tag Team titles

Godderz and Switchblade lost these belts just 4 days ago to Lamotta & Anarquia, but regained them here in a handicap match. This went awhile, and wasn't especially good. Godderz and Switchblade hit Lamotta with a version of Demolitions old finisher to win it, and regain the tag team titles for "The Family", which probably still means anyone in "The Family" can now defend them.

Bynum, who had the whole "Family" back out with her, said she has not forgotten that OVW TV champion Chris Silvio was not at the meeting earlier, and demanded Silvio come out now, and say if he was with her or against her. Silvio came out, with Mo Green, and Mary Jane the hula hoop girl. Silvio made fun of "The Family" a bit. Bynum was not amused, and demanded an answer for Silvio, saying we can do this the easy way, or the hard way. Silvio then ordered Mo Green and Mary Jane to leave the ring, which dejected them both greatly.

Silvio then said I guess it's got to be the hard way, and hit Jessie Godderz and Rudy Switchblade with the OVW TV title belt, and gave Mohamad Ali Vaez a low blow from behind. Silvo then hit Rob Terry with his "Rocket Punch" finisher, but Terry didn't go down. Silvio then kicked Terry low, which did make him crumple. Silvio finally kissed Josette Bynum, who his his girlfriend in real life. The crowd popped big for this show closing segment, which was good because Lord knows this show needed a shot in the arm at this point, and this was it. The crowd loudly chanted "Josie likes it" after the kiss, but Bynum denied that greatly.

Well, I guess they established what side of the fence most of the major players are on tonight, but it sure took a lot of yakking to get there. Bynum had a ton of dialogue this show, way to much , but I thought she pulled most of it off pretty well, but this wasn't a good show really.

The post taping dark match, that I couldn't stick around for, was X2C(Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine), along with a partner of their choosing, against Michael Hayes, Jamin Olivencia, and James "Moose" Thomas. Send any feedback to [email protected]

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