WWE Smackdown Results (4/6) – Kane/Orton WM Rematch, Two Debuts, ADR/Sheamus Main Event

WWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

April 6th 2012

David Otunga comes out and says it is his pleasure to announce the introduction of the new general manager of Smackdown, John Laurinaitis. They walk to the ring while some 'triumphant hero' type music plays, and John says he is sure the fans are just as excited as he is. John says he will be the strong leader that they were lacking before, then he says hello to Booker T. He says this is a new era of people power, and he wants to talk about Teddy Long because he hopes Teddy will remain professional. John asks Teddy to come to the ring so he can thank him for his service, and he says he knows the past few days must have been crazy.

Teddy says losing his job does have one benefit, and he tells John to go to hell, then he says he isn't out there to whine or complain about what happened. He says people told him he was crazy for showing up tonight, but he can't walk away from Smackdown because it's the greatest job he ever had. Teddy wants to thank the fans for making it so successful, and he hopes all the fans had as much fun watching as he had being the general manager. He asks them for a 'Holla Holla' before leaving, but John stops him and says he wasn't finished because Teddy interrupted him when he was talking. John offers Teddy a job in his administration, and Teddy says he needs a job but it won't be with him and he tells John to shove it.

John says Teddy is a proud man but he shouldn't forget about his grandchildren's college tuition, and David Otunga can explain what that means. Otunga says the fund was established by the board of directors, but it remains in control of the person who has the official title of general manager. John says he will let him have a job if he says John is better than him, and Teddy can choose between his pride or the money for his grandchildren. Teddy says John is better, and John makes him repeat it into the mic before telling him to go to the back to start working, then he tells the fans to cheer for him. John says they have a great show tonight because Randy Orton will face Kane in a Wrestlemania rematch, and R-Truth will face Otunga and Mark Henry in a handicapped match.