Jake “The Snake” Roberts To Open Wrestling School, Write Book

WrestleZone.com reader Rodolfo Roman sent along the following …

Rodolfo Roman

In an all-star studded The Roman Show, Jake “The Snake” Roberts talked about his aspirations of writing a book, opening up a wrestling school to train and who he would wrestle if he were to be in the World Wrestling Entertainment.

In addition, Roberts expresses his thoughts on current wrestling training. He said current talent is entering the ring too soon without proper training. Also, in a surprise phone call, Taskmaster Kevin Sullivan informs us of his upcoming match and teaming up with Gangrel and manager Snakemaster at NWA Ring Warriors in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during WrestleMania weekend. Plus, independent wrestler Maximum Capacity describes his hardship with cancer and what led him to retire from the squared circle.

Check out his appearance on The Roman Show online at RodolfoRoman.com.