Road Warrior Animal Talks Royal Rumble, Tag-Team Wrestling reader Kam sent along the following highlights from a recent interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Road Warrior Animal:

* On the current state of tag team wrestling:

“You can’t just throw two people together, the fans like to believe in a family dynamic like the Road Warriors or The Steiners or Harlem Heat, they don’t just want to see guy A and guy B thrown together to form a tag team.”

* On his title reign alongside Heidenreich:

“It was nice winning the tag team belts because it was the only one I won with ‘WWE’ on but I hated every minute of it because Heidenreich was not a good partner. He was not made out for the Legion of Doom.”

* Appearing at the Royal Rumble:

“Earlier this year I was asked if I wanted to compete in this years Royal Rumble but I didn’t do it because they just didn’t give me enough notice, they called me like two days before and asked if I wanted to do the Royal Rumble and I said they could have at least given me a months notice.”

* Taking on his brother:

“In the future I would love to do anything the WWE wanted me to do, they’re doing this big deal with the SmackDown GM against the Raw GM and what a great angle it would be to have me come in as the SmackDown GM and go against my brother as the Raw GM and have a battle between the two companies.”

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