Miz Reportedly Being Blamed For Low Survivor Series Numbers

The MizThe Miz is reportedly being blamed for the low buy rate of this past year's Survivor Series pay-per-view, according to F4Wonline.com.

The plan was for The Miz to be inserted back into the WWE title picture in January. This plan didn't happen and it seems to stem from the lower number of buys that the Survivor Series drew in November. The blame was placed more on The Miz, who teamed with R-Truth against The Rock and John Cena. It was the first match for The Rock in over 7 years and it is estimated to have drawn 260,000 buys worldwide. Out of those 260,000, only 160,000 came from the United States.

The estimate compares to 244,000 buys in 2010 and 235,000 in 2009, which nearly got the show scrapped from the annual pay-per-view line-up.