WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/29) – Punk/Ziggler, Triple Threat Cage Match, Surprise Entrants, Who Won The Rumble?

Eve avoids a punch and tags Alicia, and she chokes Nikki in the corner, but Brie jumps in and switches places when the ref's back is turned and throws Alicia headfirst into the turnbuckle. Brie tries to pull her up but Alicia takes her down with an armdrag, then Kelly tags in and knocks her down with a spinning headscissors takedown. Kelly slams her down then Nikki breaks up a pin attempt and all the girls end up fighting at ringside until Kelly dives off the top rope. She knocks everyone down with a flying splash, then rolls Brie in but Beth jumps on the apron and slaps her hard on the back. Beth tells her to get out of her ring, then Beth hits Kelly with a Glam Slam and makes the cover.

Winners – Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins

Zack Ryder is shown in a wheelchair and he tells the guy pushing him that it sucks being in a brace, but he needs to be here to see Cena kick Kane's ass. John Laurinaitis comes up to him and kisses up to him and tells him he got him his own dressing room and it is fully stocked and he will get him whatever he needs. Eve walks in and says John is disgraceful and he should leave, then says she hopes that HHH fires him on RAW tomorrow. John leaves and Eve says he is an ass, then Zack says 'you know it' and Eve helps him into the dressing room.

John Cena vs Kane

Cena punches Kane a few times and launches himself off the ropes, but Kane uppercuts him and throws him in the corner then kicks him on the mat a few times. Cena makes it back to his feet and knocks Kane out of the ring, and Kane punches him when they stand up but Cena whips him into the ring steps. He rolls in the ring and goes for an Attitude Adjustment, but Kane slides out and knocks Cena down, then pushes him in the corner and knocks him down with a hard right hand. Kane uses the ropes and steps on Cena's head, then runs the ropes and dropkicks him in the head for a two count. Kane puts him in a headlock but Cena makes it to his feet and punches his way out of the hold, then they trade punches but Cena gets knocked back down with an uppercut. (Cont'd…)