WWE Royal Rumble Results (1/29) – Punk/Ziggler, Triple Threat Cage Match, Surprise Entrants, Who Won The Rumble?

WWE Royal RumbleWWE Royal Rumble PPV Results


Scottrade Center in St. Louis, MO

Report by Bill Pritchard for WrestleZone.com

World Heavyweight Championship

Triple Threat Steel Cage Match

Big Show vs Mark Henry vs Daniel Bryan (c)

Daniel Bryan gets thrown out of the way and Big Show goes after Mark Henry and knocks him to the mat then traps him in between the ropes and cage wall. He charges Henry a few times and splashes him, then stops when he sees Bryan trying to escape, and Show chops him then throws him headfirst into the side of the cage. Show goes for a Knockout Punch but Bryan ducks and Show punches the cage, but he recovers and hits a corner splash. Bryan dropkicks his knees out and goes after Henry, and he kicks him in the chest a few times before kicking Show in the head and heading for the door. Henry stops him and drags his face across the cage, then slingshots him into it and headbutts him before turning his attention to Big Show. He knocks Henry down and hits Bryan, then throws him across the ring when he tries to escape and knees him in the stomach.

Bryan continues to get up but Show tosses him headifrst into the side of the cage and bodyslams him, then Show picks him up and headbutts him. Henry clotheslines Show to knock him down and he steps on Bryan's chest and throws him into the cage, then he goes for a running splassh but Bryan ducks and Henry hits the wall. Bryan gets a near fall then Show grabs him and throws him into the wall and calls for a chokeslam, but Bryan kicks his knees and Show shoves him in the corner. Bryan jumps to the middle turnbuckle and hits a tornado DDT for two, then puts Show in the LeBell Lock but Henry breaks the hold before Show has a chance to tap out. Big Show gets up and hits Bryan then hits Henry with a Knockout Punch, but Bryan breaks up the pin attempt and Show chases him up to the top of the cage. They fight at the top of the cage for a few moments but Bryan frees himself from Show and drops down to the floor to retain. 

Winner – Daniel Bryan

Beth Phoenix, Natalya & The Bella Twins vs Kelly Kelly, Alicia Fox, Tamina & Eve Torres

Natalya takes Tamina down with a headlock then stands back up and Tamina throws her into the ropes and tries to bodyslam her but Natalya slides out. They trade a few punches before Tamina knocks her down and tags Eve, then she hits a Booty Pop moonsault but Natalya runs her into the corner and tags Beth. Eve counters a backdrop and knocks Beth down, but she goes for a cartwheel legdrop and Beth gets her knees up. She tags Brie and she chokes Eve on the ropes then tags Nikki, and she applies a chinlock but Eve gets to her feet and breaks the hold. (Cont'd…)