Interview Highlights With Former TNA Star Jesse Neal reader Rodolfo Roman sent along the following …

The Roman Show caught up with former TNA superstar Jesse Neal after a match at NWA Ring Warriors in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who stated that he looks forward working the independent scene and that there are no burnt bridges between him and his former employer.

“There are no hard feelings. I didn’t agree with what they had offered me. It’s just a business transaction,” he said at the January 18, 2012 show.

He later added, “I couldn’t take their offer and if they had seen it they wouldn’t take it either.”

At the NWA show, he wrestled another former TNA star Chasyn Rance. Neal added that he is off the leash and is enjoying some time off the ring to heal his body.

On March 29th, during the Wrestlemania weekend, he will team up with his fiancée Christina von Cerie, who also worked for TNA in a mixed man tag team against Chasyn Rance and Santana G.

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