TNA Star Finished w/ the Company, Flair Song Amongst Top 50

TNA Star Finished w/ the Company

According to several reports, Jesse Neal is finished with TNA Wrestling. Tomorrow night he will face Gunner in a match taped for Impact, which is said to be his last appearance with TNA. As previously reported, Neal has been upset with TNA's decision to have him relocate to OVW to further his training, and has spoken out about having financial issues with the company.

Flair Song Amongst Top 50 is reporting the following, noting that rapper Killer Mike's "Ric Flair" song has made the list of the top 50 singles of 2011:

"A thunderous rapper, a booming gutbucket beat, samples of one of pro wrestling's most esteemed egomaniacs, Ric Flair – the testosterone flowing through this Southern hiphop crusher rises to WWE SmackDown levels."