UFC Fighter Claims Late WWE Legend Got Him Interested In MMA

WrestleZone.com reader Arda Ocal sent along the following …

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of the Score Television network recently spoke with UFC fighter “The Polish Experiment” Krzysztof Soszynski, who told Ocal that it was late WWE legend Bad News Brown (Alan Coage) who introduced him to the world of Mixed Martial Arts while he was trying his hand at professional wrestling in Winnipeg, Manitoba. In the interview, “K-SOS” tells Ocal that Bad News taught him a kimura and he was hooked. Coage is also known for being a world class Judoka and a bronze medalist at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal.

To watch the full interview, click here: http://video.thescore.com/watch/arda-with-krzysztof-soszynski

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