NBA Star To Work WM 28 Angle, McMahon’s Love For Twitter

NBA Star To Work WM 28 Angle

With the NBA season in question, WWE is looking to run in more major NBA markets in the future according to

In addition to doing more shows in major cities, WWE is looking at bringing in a major NBA star to work an angle at WrestleMania 28. This has been something that has been discussed quite a bit in recent years. Everytime the conversation comes up, Shaq or LeBron James are the two front running candidates to be used.

McMahon's Love For Twitter

More eyes rolled backstage at RAW when the constant twitter references would come up in the show according to Many WWE superstars feel the promotion and integration of twitter in WWE programming is becoming ridiculous. As noted before, Vince McMahon is fascianated with twitter and getting people or phrases to trend worldwide.