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Exclusive: Traditional 5 On 5 Main Event Match Changed For Survivor Series

Last night on RAW it was all but officially confirmed in the storyline that at Survivor Series we will see The Miz & R-Truth vs John Cena & The Rock.

This was not the original plan, as WWE was working towards a traditional 5 on 5 Survivor Series match that would feature a heel faction definitely including Kevin Nash, The Miz and R-Truth against a team of faces thrown together that was definitely going to feature at least The Rock, John Cena and Triple H. Both sides would obviously have added two more people to make the match but it seems that this has been scrapped.

After speaking with a source it seems the change has come straight from the top. WZ has learned that two reasons are contributing to why the match plans for Survivor Series have changed. Vince McMahon made the change and informed the writing staff he didn’t want to have a big heel faction formed or have too many people around The Rock and John Cena.

“He wants to let a big focus be on The Rock and Cena having to work together and ultimately build more excitement for WrestleMania,” a WWE insider told WZ.

McMahon not wanting to have a heel faction is not fully understood by a lot of people internally in the company. According to what we have been told, not having a heel faction is applicable for not only top guys but for mid-carders as well. It seems many were under the impression that Vickie Guerrero was going to have at least one or two more mid-level guys managed by her, but WWE seems to be holding off on that at least for now.

When asked what the chances of a 3 on 3 match taking place instead of a 5 on 5, involving Nash, Miz and Truth against The Rock, Cena and Triple H, the insider responded by saying that he didn’t know for sure if that is not possible and couldn’t dismiss it but said he “would be surprised” if that happens.

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