Details on Roode’s BFG Loss, Christina Von Eerie’s TNA Name

Bobby RoodeMore on Roode's BFG Loss is reporting that despite Kurt Angle being injured and TNA promoting the Bound For Glory PPV as Bobby Roode's "time," the company decided to go with Angle retaining the title at the show last night.

Many people within TNA expect Roode to eventually win the title, either at an Impact taping or the next PPV, however, it's being said that some believe TNA is eager to please Jeff Hardy at the moment, and might opt to make him the next Champion.

Christina Von Eerie's TNA Name

For those who missed TNA's Bound For Glory PPV last night, it was revealed that Christina Von Eerie, who debuted on Impact prior to the PPV, is going by the name of Toxine in TNA. She accompanied Ink, Inc for their pre-show bout last night.