(Spoilers) OVW TV Taping Results For September 24, 2011

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Ohio Valley Wrestling TV Taping Results/Spoilers

Taped on September 21st / To air on September 24th

Dark Matches:

– Paredyse defeated Ace Hawkins by pinfall following a neckbreaker.

– Tony Gunn defeated Dre Blitz by pinfall following the TKO

– Izza Belle Smothers defeated Taeler Hendrix by pinfall following the Knuckle Duster

TV Taping:

– OVW Southern Tag Team champion and Television champion Adam Revolver kicked off the show by issuing a challenge to Jason Wayne for his OVW Heavyweight Championship. He stated that he wanted to be OVW’s first ever simultaneous Triple Crown champion. After Ted McNaler tried to reason with Revolver, Jason Wayne entered the ring to accept his challenge, but he stated he would do so only if Revolver put his Television championship on the line. Revolver accepted.

– Backstage, Alex Silva challenged Jimbo Onnoo to a re-match at the upcoming Saturday Night Special (on October 8th) since Jimbo got himself intentionally disqualified. Jimbo accepted. Elsewhere, Johnny Spade and Shiloh Jonze were seen making jokes with each other, then speaking about the Television Championship. Once they left the room, the camera panned to show Tony Gunn watching through a crack in the doorway.

– “Sexy” Sean Casey defeated Randy Terrez by pinfall following a roll-up where Casey pulled the tights. Terrez was furious after the match.

– Backstage, Taryn Shay was talking to Benny Bray about her pregnancy. Mo Green approached the two to introduce Christopher Silvio, who taunted Benny, saying that, now that Benny was off the market, there would now be more for Silvio.

– OVW head trainer Nick Dinsmore came out to the ring and demanded to speak with Mike Mondo about how Mondo abused his students. Christian Mascagni came out, instead, and said that the students agreed to wrestle Mondo in their their television debut matches, and that Mondo was too much for them. Dinsmore demanded Mondo come out, and Mascagni informed him that Mondo wasn’t there. Dinsmore said he would try again next week.

– Jamin Olivencia defeated Brandon Espinosa by pinfall following a jumping guillotine DDT. After the match, Rudy Switchblade came onto the screen with yet another of his “wake up calls” (seen below).

– Backstage, Mohamad Ali Vaez approached Mike Hayes and said that he wanted to apologize to Hayes, in the ring.

– Mohamad Ali Vaez entered the ring and apologized to the fans for his actions. He then called out Hayes, saying that he wanted to do this publicly. Hayes came out to the ring, where Vaez apologized for everything he had done. He mentioned his patriotism, and Hayes’ leg, and said that he sincerely apologized. Just when the fans started to get behind Vaez, Omar Akbar, Vaez’ old tag team partner, ran into the ring and attacked Hayes from behind. Both Vaez and Akbar started to beat down Hayes, stomping him and pulling his prosthetic leg off.

– Backstage, Shiloh and Spade were walking down the hall when Tony Gunn approached the two, stating that he would win the Television championship, to prove to Spade that he was a good friend. He excitedly left, which left Spade and Shiloh with a confused look on their faces.

– Jason Wayne defeated Adam Revolver by pinfall following the full nelson slam. During the match, Bolin Services 2.0 came out to the ring as well as Christian Mascagni and Mike Mondo (I thought he wasn’t in the building?) to try to prevent Jason Wayne from winning the match. Both teams interfered in the match, by either distracting Wayne, the referee, or when number one contender Rocco Bellagio entered the ring to chokeslam Jason Wayne. The end of the match was back-and-fourth, and most people thought Revolver had the win. However, in the end, Wayne scored the pinfall by reversing Revolver’s russian leg sweep and earning the pinfall.

Dark match:

– The Fat And The Furious defeated Moose and Rocco, Lennox and Jimbo, and Alex Silva and Joe Coleman by pinfall following Trailer Park Trash’s top rope leg drop.

Rudy Switchblade’s Wake Up Call

Attached: OVW Television and World Heavyweight Champion Jason Wayne.

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