Punk vs Austin Twitter Battle Starts Again; Ryder Now Involved

Steve AustinThe ongoing Twitter war between Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk has resumed once again, this time involving WWE star Zack Ryder as well. The following are excerpts from their Twitter exchanges:

Ryder – @SteveAustinBSR I won't drink BLL tonight. What do you recommend?

Austin – @ZachRyder just go with regular Bud Light. Good beer. You'll thank me tomorrow….and it's cooler than BLL.

Ryder –  @SteveAustinBSR  Can I put a lime in the Bud Light?

Austin –  @ZachRyder  why HELL NO you can't put a lime in the damn beer!!!

Punk (responding to above tweet) – To make it not taste like piss. It's still poison.

Austin – @CMPunk you oughta mind your own business…stay focused on Nash and leave the beer drinking to me…Punk.

Punk –   @SteveAustinBSR focus is my middle name…Steven.

Austin – @CMPunk my middle name is Whoop Ass…now go about your business before you step in a big pile of what did I get myself into now??

Former WWE star Chris Jericho involved himself in the action when he chimed in with: "It's so cute reading @CMPunk and @SteveAustinBSR 's lil cyber bitch-fights…"

Punk responded to Y2J by saying, "Yeah. Way more entertaining than you and Miz."

Amidst ongoing speculation that Punk wants to face Austin at WrestleMania next year, Joey Styles fueled the fire by posting, "@CMPunk and @SteveAustinBSR can we move this twitter war to a slightly larger stage? Perhaps WrestleMania?"