Complete 8/16/11 WWE NXT Redemption Results

WWE NXT Results – 8/16/11

-It's time for the twenty-fourth week of NXT Redemption! The opening titles roll, and commentators Todd Grisham and William Regal welcome us from Bakersfield, California.

-Hornswoggle's music hits and he comes out with rookie Titus O'Neil and AJ. AJ and Hornswoggle are holding hands like they've been the past few weeks. They all three have mics. Titus welcomes the crowd to NXT. Titus says both he and Hornswoggle have been on journeys lately, but Hornswoggle's has been a journey of love. He says Hornswoggle has something to tell AJ. Hornswoggle mumbles unintelligibly at AJ, and Titus translates. He says "He couldn't think of a better diva to spend time with than you." Hornswoggle gets down on one knee and presents AJ with a ring pop. AJ responds positively and Titus informs her that the ring represents a promise that she'll be his forever. It's only a small token of what she means to him. AJ says that this has never been about size. She says it doesn't matter what size he is, all that matters is the size of his heart. Derrick Bateman's music hits and out comes Bateman looking none too pleased. Bateman stands on the ramp and says that he's literally regurgitating his dinner at the thought of this. This is a competition, not an episode of "As The Leprechaun Turns." He says if Hornswoggle believes that anyone could love him, he's as dumb as Titus looks. Titus suggests that Bateman goes back to the locker room before he kicks his teeth in. Bateman says he hates to break it to Titus, but he's going to be winning this season of NXT. He points at AJ and Hornswoggle and says he can't tell who's the leprechaun and who's the troll. Titus invites Bateman to the ring, and Bateman says "Why don't you make me?" Hornswoggle and Titus oblige and chase Bateman to the back.

-AJ is standing alone in the ring and is clubbed from behind by a returning rookie, Maxine. Maxine then hits a big boot on AJ. Maxine leaves the ring and walks backstage.


-JTG's music hits and he comes on out, ready for action. His opponent, Tyson Kidd, is out next.

Match #1: JTG vs. Tyson Kidd

-They square off in the middle of the ring. They start talking, buta cheap kick to JTG's gut. JTG catches it and forces Kidd into the corner. Out of the corner now and JTG hits two clotheslines and a kitchen sink. Fast paces action here as JTG hits a swinging neckbreaker. Some posturing from JTG leads to Kidd taking control with a running dropkick. Kidd JTG's head and tries to apply a half crab. JTG fights out and Kidd charges, but JTG hits his impressive high-angle neckbreaker for a two-count. JTG is whipped but hits a modified neckbreaker for another two. A lot of neckbreakers from JTG. JTG hits the ropes again, but Tyson trips JTG and applies a quick half crab. JTG has no choice but to tap out.

Winner: Tyson Kidd

-Some Japanese characters appear on the tron and a gong sounds (not like Undertaker's, mind you). Tyson looks confused as we go to Matt Striker.

-Matt Striker is backstage in ring gear. He says he knows he lost last week, and he won't make excuses like Darren Young does. He says there is a fine line between making a difference and making an excuse. He knows that he's ready for Darren Young, and that Darren Young isn't ready for Matt Striker. That match is coming up next.


-There's a recap of Striker and Young's match from last week, with Striker taking control early on but Young winning decisively.

Match #2: Matt Striker vs. Darren Young

-Striker takes control early, punching Young in the corner, but the referee breaks it up and Young takes control. Striker gets fired up and starts beating on Young, and Young rolls out of the ring. Striker follows and Young gets back in quickly. Striker applies a Fujiwara armbar, which Young counters into a roll-up for a two-count. Striker's on the apron and Darren follows. Darren hits an impressive back suplex onto the side of the apron, and gets back into the ring. Striker reels on the outside and gets back into the ring, and Darren applies a body scissors. Striker slowly gets to his feet and forces Darren into the corner. A European uppercut from Striker and a big boot takes Young down. Young gets up on the apron and Striker picks him up from inside the ring. Young tries to hit a sunset flip, but Striker catches him and hits a very impressive swinging neckbreaker from the top rope. He goes for the pin but Young gets his foot on the rope. Darren gets up and tries to get Striker on his shoulders for his finisher, but Striker wiggles out and hits a back stabber for a long two-count. Striker's getting fired up and goes for a Mahistrol cradle, but Darren gets up and picks Striker all the way up from the ground and hits his gutbuster finisher for the three-count.

Winner: Darren Young

-Darren Young's been bleeding slightly from the mouth since early on in the match. Young celebrates as we go to commercial.


-Derrick Bateman comes out with Maxine, who attacked AJ earlier tonight. Bateman says that standing next her makes her more than just a woman. He tells the audience to stands up to respect the love of his life, his soulmate, his girlfriend, Maxine. Maxine takes the mic and says to Hornswoggle: "You wish you could handle a real woman like me." But she says that he has to settle for something less, like AJ. If he thinks she's causing problems for him now, just wait.


-Hornswoggle's music hits and out comes Titus O'Neil by himself. Maxine's staying ringside to support Bateman.

Match #3: Derrick Bateman vs. Titus O'Neil

-They lock up and Titus forces Bateman into the corner. The referee tries to break it up but Titus keeps clubbing away at Bateman. Titus whips Bateman hard into another corner. He picks Bateman up, hits a scoop slam, and drops an elbow for a two-count. He whips Bateman and hits a back elbow strike. Shoulder thrusts in the corner on Bateman. Titus runs the ropes but Bateman runs out of the corner and hits a dropkick, landing on O'Neil for a two-count. Bateman gets Titus in the corner and hits a number of strikes. Titus quickly takes control, tossing Bateman in the corner instead. Bateman dropkicks Titus' knee and takes control with a neckbreaker. Back in the corner as Bateman chokes Titus with his boot. Bateman whips Titus and hits a jumping clothesline for yet another two-count. Bateman applies a quarter nelson chinlock on Titus, but Titus makes his way to his feet. Titus hits the ropes but Bateman hits a kitchen sink, which gets a surprising amount of heat. Bateman locks in a cravate front facelock, but yet again, Titus fights out. A botched sequence of Bateman trying to jump over Titus leads to a very improvised-looking spinebuster from Titus. Titus hits the ropes and hits a flying clothesline and a shoulderbreaker for a two-count. Bateman gets to his feet and tries to hit his "Man-tastic" finisher, but Titus picks him up and tosses him out of the ring. Maxine goes over to Bateman, but so does Titus, so she backs off. Bateman gets back in the ring and attacks Titus on the apron. The referee breaks it up and Maxine grabs Titus' leg. This distracts Titus long enough for Bateman to roll Titus up for the win.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

-The rest of the show is a Raw Rebound recapping Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship, so that's all for this week's edition of NXT Redemption. Thanks for reading.