OVW Saturday Night Special Results – August 6th, 2011

Thanks to Jason Saint for sending in the following:

OVW Saturday Night Special Results

August 6th, 2011

OVW Television Champion Paredyse came out to the ring to start the show. He announced that there would be a battle royal to determine the number 1 contender for his OVW Television Championship.

Match 1: Sexy Sean Casey defeated around 20 other superstars in an over-the-top-rope battle royal to become the number one contender for the OVW Television Championship.

After the match, the two had a stare down.

Match 2: Christopher Silvio (with Mo Green) defeated Vaughn Lilas after issuing an open challenge by cracking Lilas over the head with Mo Green's cane.

Match 3: Randy Terrez defeated Raul LaMotta following the Thrill Kill (corkscrew moonsault from the top rope).

Match 4: Ted McNaler defeated Adam Revolver by pinfall to decide the leader of The Elite.

Match 5: Izza Belle Smothers (with Jessie Belle Smothers) defeated Lady JoJo (with Taryn Shay) to become the new OVW Women's Champion, ending Lady Jojo's near-one-year reign as champ.

Match 6: Rudy Switchblade and Jamin Olivencia fought to a no-contest after ignoring the referee's plea to break a 5 count on the ropes. The two continued to battle on the outside, both jumping over officials to continue fighting. This feud will surely continue as both  competitors seek retribution.

Match 7: Mike Hayes defeated Mohamad Ali Vaez for ownership of Hayes' prosthetic leg. After the match, Ali went after Hayes' mother at ringside, prompting Hayes to attack Vaez. After Vaez knocked Hayes out, he stole Hayes' prosthetic leg again. This match got one of the most emotional reactions from the Davis Arena crowd that I have ever seen. The fans genuinely back Michael Hayes and definitely hate Mohamad Ali Vaez.

Match 8: Moose and Rocco of Bolin Services 2.0 defeated The Fat & The Furious for the OVW Southern Tag Team Championships after Moose tossed the 500 pound Jack Black from the top rope.

Match 9: Jason Wayne retained the OVW Heavyweight Championship against Johnny Spade, following a 2nd rope full nelson slam. The crowd was heavily divided for this match, some pulling strongly for Wayne and some pulling for Spade.