Stacy Keibler Asked To Pose For Playboy, Gail Kim Pics Update; More

– Stacy Keibler is interviewed in the latest edition of ‘Good Times’ which is a free music paper out of New York. She talks about her current role in the WWE: “Our characters go up and down. What I want to do is play a heel, because I’ve kind of been doing the same thing for a while. I really like a challenge, and I believe there is an endless amount of storylines I can do and wrestlers I can work with.” She notes that she is taking acting classes: “In order to be one of the top people in our business, you need to be physical and know what your doing in the wrestling ring. But it’s just as important to be able to cut a promo and be able to act and show emotion so the fans can back you. On Playboy: “I can tell you point blank that they have asked me the last two years to do it, and I’ve said no. It’s just a personal thing. At this point in my life and career it’s something I don’t want to do.” If she wants to be a heel, all she has to do is go out on TV and say that…

– Despite recently posing t-pless for a mobile phone company in Korea, Gail Kim said in a radio interview a few days ago that she doesn’t want to go nude for Playboy or other men’s magazines. She said that herself and Nidia (her special friend) will be going to Japan soon but didn’t specify which promotion. Also, she talked about landing her “perfect job” but didn’t want to jinx it so again didn’t go into specifics. For whatever it’s worth I do know that she wants to do movie stuntwork.

– Trish Stratus has signed on to promote TAG Body Spray for men in Canada.