Big News On Why WWE Fired Muhammad Hassan


As we reported earlier, WWE announced the release of Marc “Muhammad Hassan” Copani today. There had been rumblings among some WWE wrestlers this past weekend that the release was coming or already made. Since being taken off WWE TV due to controversy, Copani had moved to L.A. to attempt to pursue an acting career. Many felt it was only a matter of time before he was dropped since the feeling was WWE couldn’t bring him back due to the uproar over the Hassan character. Copani, looking to pursue an acting career, had privately discussed requesting a release, although it’s not official that he actually approached WWE management about one. It seems this move was WWE just pulling the trigger on the professional side of their relationship before Copani did, which seemed inevitable.

One WWE source noted Copani wasn’t the most well liked performer backstage. There was a feeling among some that he was only using WWE and pro wrestling as a stepping stone to other things. There was also some bitterness over Hassan turning down a lot of character ideas towards the end of his run. Copani also turned down a request from WWE officials to go back to OVW to brush up his in-ring skills. So a lot of other little things could have contributed to the decision to finally let Copani go.

For those wondering what happens now to Daivari, he debuted in OVW last week during the TV tapings as Sheik Daivari. He is thought of as a strong performer and is well liked, so the feeling is he’ll be brought back at some point when the right situation arises.