WWE SmackDown Results – November 25, 2005

Credit: PWInsider.com

Smackdown Report for November 25, 2005

by Richard Trionfo

Sunday night is the Survivor Series and we know who will be facing the Raw team at the pay per view, but what else will we see on Sunday from the Smackdown brand? Will the United States title be defended? What about the tag team titles? How will Undertaker be used since Randy Orton is going to be on Team Smackdown? Will the women’s title be coming to Smackdown next week? How will Raw respond to what happened on Monday night?

We begin with footage from Smackdown two weeks ago when Edge appeared to face Batista, only to see Teddy Long get ambushed by Chris Masters while Teddy was talking to Eric Bischoff. Then we saw the Smackdown team go after Masters and Bischoff, leaving Batista to face Kane and Big Show while Edge and Lita watched. We then go to footage from this week’s Raw when Team Raw and Team Smackdown faced off outside the arena, only to see Batista injured off camera by a choke slam from Big Show and Kane. We end with footage from the main event when Batista came out bandaged with a pipe and cleaned house.

We are live, on tape from Sheffield, United Kingdom, and your announcers are Tazz and Michael ‘Young Ones’ Cole.

Teddy Long is outside talking to security and he tells them to be prepared for the Raw wrestlers since he knows they will be there tonight.

We return to the arena and before our first match, Sharmell comes to the ring with her tiara. Charmin thanks the crowd for their warm welcome before she introduces the current United States Champion. We see footage from last month when Booker defeated Chris Benoit to win the United States title. Benoit warns the referee about Sharmell before the bell rings. Booker T kisses Booker She as the bell rings.

Match Number One: Chris Benoit versus Booker T (with Sharmell) for the United States Title

Booker and Benoit have some words and Booker pushes Benoit. Benoit pushes back. Benoit backs Booker into the corner and breaks the collar and elbow tie up. Booker with a side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle. Benoit with a drop toe hold and Booker backs into the corner. Booker with a knee followed by a chop. Benoit with a chop of his own and then Booker and Benoit exchange chops until Booker with a knee and a slam. Booker misses a snap elbow drop and then he knees Booker before chopping the champion in the corner. Booker with a back kick and then he tries for a suplex, but Benoit blocks it and hits a snap suplex of his own for a two count. Benoit continues the attack with a slam and then he stands over Booker before hitting a running knee off an Irish whip. Benoit gets a two count when he covers Booker. Benoit chops Booker and then slams his head into the turnbuckle. Benoit with an Irish whip, but when Benoit charges Booker with a sunset flip for a two count. Booker with a super kick for another two count. Booker with a front face lock as he continues to work over the challenger. Benoit with an arm drag to escape the hold. Booker with a back elbow to Benoit and then he chops Benoit in the corner followed by punches and more chops. Benoit takes over and chops Booker in the corner followed by a knee to Booker and a forearm to Booker’s back followed by a forearm to the head. Booker tries for the jumping side kick, but Benoit holds on to the ropes. Booker with a kick to the ribs and then he gets Benoit up for a suplex and drops Benoit on the top rope. Benoit with a shoulder from the apron and then he tries to suplex Booker to the floor, but Booker blocks that. Booker tries to suplex Benoit back into the ring and Benoit blocks him. Booker and Benoit exchange attempts to suplex the other, but Booker drops Benoit on the top rope. Booker runs Benoit into the ring post and Benoit goes to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Booker has Benoit in a top wrist lock. Benoit with knees to Booker to get out of the hold, but Booker with a forearm to Benoit’s back. Benoit and Booker hit heads as Benoit comes off the ropes and both men go down. Booker gets Benoit up for a slam, but Benoit counters and tries to get Booker into the Crossface. Booker does not go down and he is able to hit a back heel kick on Benoit. Booker with a suplex to Benoit for a two count. Booker returns to the arm with an arm bar. Benoit with forearms and chops to Booker followed by an Irish whip. Benoit charges into a boot from Booker while we see Charmin clap for her husband. Benoit chops Booker, but Booker kicks Benoit. Booker reverses an Irish whip and sends Benoit into the ref. Benoit with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex to Booker while the ref is still down. Benoit with a forearm to Booker followed by a German suplex. Booker rolls through on the second one, but Benoit is able to put Booker in the Sharpshooter. Another ref comes out from the back to check on Booker, but Booker makes it to the ropes and Benoit releases the hold. Benoit with the Hat Trick German suplex combo and both men are down. Benoit with the throat slash and he goes up top, but Charmin gets onto the apron and that distracts Benoit and the ref. Booker punches Benoit and then hits a superplex. Both men try to roll the other up and each ref makes the count.

Winner: Double Pin

After the match, the two referees argue over who won. Jim Corderas says that Chris Benoit won while Charles Robinson says that Booker T won. We go to commercial.

We are back and Teddy Long is now in the ring to figure out what happened. Teddy has a mic and it is time to talk to the playas. Teddy wants to see the replay, despite the fact that there is no instant replay in the WWE. We see the replay with it slowed down. Charmin tells Teddy that everyone knows that when there is a tie, the champion keeps his title. Teddy tells Booker She that she is right. Teddy tells Chris that he is not the United States Champion. Teddy then tells Booker that he is not the United States Champion either thanks to an executive decision. Teddy says that the United States Title is being held up. Teddy reminds Chris and Booker that they had a problem like this in WCW. Teddy suggests a best-of-seven series for the United States Title. Match one will be on Sunday at Survivor Series. Booker and Benoit argue in the ring while Teddy leaves with the United States Title.

Bradshaw is in the back and he sees a ‘suspicious’ van. Bradshaw opens it and the Boogeyman is inside. He sings for Bradshaw. The alarm on his clock goes off and the Boogeyman breaks it over his head. Bradshaw looks confused as he goes back inside and we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for our next match, The Dicks (Chad and James) versus Animal and Heidenreich

Animal and Heidenreich go outside after Chad and James before the bell rings. Animal and Heidenreich with Irish whips into each other. Animal and James start things off and Animal with a back elbow. Heidenreich tags in and he knocks James down. Heidenreich with a knee and a slam. Chad tags in and he tries to kick Heidenreich, but Heidenreich with a clothesline followed by punches to Chad. Chad goes to the apron and drops Heidenreich on the top rope. James punches Heidenreich and then Chad with a front face lock and forearms. James tags in and he comes off the turnbuckle with a forearm. Chad tags in and hits a double sledge from the top turnbuckle. Chad with a knee to Heidenreich and then James is tagged in. Chad and James run Heidenreich into the turnbuckle followed by a double Irish whip. Chad charges into a boot from Heidenreich. James tags in and Animal is in too. Animal punches both Dicks and then hits a belly-to-back suplex on James followed by a clothesline to Chad that sends him over the top rope. Animal with running clothesline to James followed by an Irish whip. Animal charges, but James moves. Chad sprays something in Animal’s eyes. James pins Animal with help from the ropes and Chad for the three count. We go to commercial.

Winner: The Dicks

We are back and we are reminded that Survivor Series is two days away.

It is time for our next match, Ken Kennedy (dramatic pause) Kennedy versus Matt Hardy

Hardy with a side head lock and Kennedy tries to escape, but Hardy holds on to the hold. Hardy with a shoulder tackle followed by another side head lock. Kennedy with forearms followed by a belly-to-back suplex, but Hardy holds on to the side head lock. Kennedy backs Hardy into the corner and connects with a couple shoulders to get out of the hold. Kennedy with a punch, but Hardy with punches of his own. Hardy stops short of a leap frog and then punches Kennedy. Hardy with another side head lock, but Kennedy puts Hardy on the turnbuckle. Kennedy is pushes off and Hardy with a moonsault that noly catches Kennedy. Kennedy grabs Hardy and throws him into the ring post on his ribs before Kennedy stretches Hardy on the ring post. Kennedy continues to work on Hardy’s back. Hardy punches Kennedy, but Kennedy with a forearm. Kennedy with a rear chin lock while he has his knee in Hardy’s back. Kennedy with a front face lock and Hardy punches Kennedy. Kennedy with a kick to Hardy. Hardy counters and hits a side Russian leg sweep. Hardy blocks a punch and responds with punches and clotheslines of his own. Hardy with an Irish whip and a running clothesline. Kennedy sends Hardy into the turnbuckle when Matt tries for a bulldog. Hardy with a Side Effect and he sets up for the Twist of Fate, but Kennedy is able to escape. Hardy with a back elbow and then he goes up top. Kennedy punches Hardy and then Kennedy sets up for the Green Bay Plunge. Hardy blocks it and hits a bulldog driver from the turnbuckle, but Kennedy is able to grab the ropes to break the three count. Hardy clotheslines Kennedy over the top rope to the floor. Hardy with a double axe off the apron. Kennedy slams Hardy’s head into the ring steps. Kennedy gets a chair while Hardy rolls into the ring. The ref grabs the chair and signals for the bell.

Winner: Matt Hardy (by disqualification)

After the match, Kennedy attacks the mat with the chair and then throws it out of the ring near the referee.

Eric Bischoff is outside in the parking lot and Teddy Long comes out to greet Eric. Eric tells Teddy that he has a message. The message is ‘They’re coming’ and Eric says that they are a lot closer than Teddy thinks. We go to commercial.

We are back with the Smack of the Night: The Divas battle royal(e) from Raw two weeks ago followed by the kidnapping of Trish Stratus last week by MNM along with Melina’s challenge.

It is time for our next match, Christy Hemme versus ‘Almonds’ Melina (with Johnny ‘Plain’ Nitro and Joey ‘Peanut’ Mercury [with red carpet and photographers])

Melina comes into the ring, but she is met with a drop kick from Christy. Christy goes out after Melina and Joey throws Christy down. The referee sends Plain and Peanut to the back. Christy with a forearm to Melina and then she hits a cross body from the top turnbuckle followed by a split leg drop. Christy catapults Melina into the top turnbuckle and then Christy pulls Melina by the hair. Melina leaves the ring and Christy goes out after Melina. Melina with a clothesline to Christy and then she rolls Christy back into the ring. Melina with a back breaker and then stretches Christy over her knee. Melina slams Christy and then puts her in a bow and arrow with Christy’s boot touching her head. Melina with knees to Christy’s back, but Christy with a kick to Melina’s head followed by forearms. Melina with a kick to Christy’s head. Christy with a punch to Melina, but Melina comes back with a clothesline. Melina slams Christy’s head into the turnbuckle followed by an Irish whip. Christy moves and gets a sunset flip for a two count. Melina kicks Christy followed by a flying face driver for the three count.

Winner: Melina

After the match, Mercury and Nitro come out to celebrate with Melina.

Batista is in the back getting wrapped up by the WWE medical staff. Randy Orton enters and he wants to talk to Batista about something. Randy reminds Batista about Kane and Big Show’s attack and apologizes for not being there last week. He was there last week, but he was preoccupied. Randy talks about how he knows about injuries and suffered one at the hands of Batista after Wrestlemania. Randy does not want Batista to use his injury as an excuse for why he loses the title later tonight. Randy reminds Batista that he was the star of Evolution and he is better than Flair or Hunter. Tonight he will prove it. Batista laughs at Randy’s comments about being better than Triple H. Batista reminds Orton that he lost the title to Triple H, but Batista beat Triple H for the title and left Evolution on his own terms. Batista reminds Orton that he was kicked to the curb by Evolution. Batista walks away as we go to commercial.

We are back and Michael Cole tells us that Nunzio won the Cruiserweight title in Rome over Juventud Guerrera and says that it shows anything can happen.

We go to the crowd where Carlito and Chris Masters come through the crowd to their seats.

It is time for our next match, Nunzio (with Vito) versus Juventud Guerrera (with Super Crazy and Psicosis) for the Cruiserweight Title

Nunzio and Guerrera exchange forearms before Nunzio connects with a knee. Guerrera with chops to Nunzio. Guerrera with a sunset flip, but Nunzio rolls through. Guerrera with a spin kick. Nunzio rolls outside the ring. Guerrera tries for a pescado, but Vito moves Nunzio out of the way and Guerrera hits the floor. Nunzio with an arm bar on Guerrera while Vito has some words with Super Crazy and Psicosis. Nunzio with a knee to Guerrera’s arm followed by a hammer lock. Guerrera with a forearm to Nunzio, but Nunzio with a knee to Guerrera. Guerrera with a jumping spin kick to Nunzio. Nunzio misses a punch, but Guerrera with chops followed by a pump handle driver for a two count. Guerrera with a kick to Nunzio followed by a T-Bone Driver for a two count. Guerrera charges into the corner, but is met by a kick. Nunzio misses the Sicilian Slice from the second turnbuckle. Outside the ring, Psicosis and Super Crazy block Vito from getting to the ring while Guerrera with a forearm followed by an Irish whip. Guerrera with the Juvi Driver for the three count. We go to commercial.

Winner: Juventud Guerrera

We are back and Carlito and Chris Masters are still sitting at ringside. Cole and Tazz think that something else is going to happen with the Raw brand on the show tonight.

It is time to run through the card for Survivor Series

-Booker T versus Chris Benoit in Match One in the Best-Of-Seven Series for the United States Title

-Melina versus Trish Stratus for the Women’s Title

-John Cena versus Kurt Angle for the WWE Title with Khosrow Daivari as referee

-Ric Flair versus Triple H in a Last Man Standing match

-Eric Bischoff versus Teddy Long

-Team Raw (Shawn Michaels, Chris Masters, Carlito, Big Show, and Kane) versus Team Smackdown (Batista, Randy Orton, Bradshaw, Rey Mysterio, and Bobby Lashley) in a Classic Survivor Series match

It is time for our next match, William Regal and Paul Burchill versus Bradshaw (with JBLimo and Jillian Hall) and Rey Mysterio

Rey and Regal start things off. Regal with a side head lock followed by a shoulder tackle and a butterfly suplex, but Rey with an arm drag out of it. Regal with a running knee to Rey, but Bradshaw breaks up the cover. Burchill tags in and he punches Rey followed by a back elbow for a two count. Burchill with a European uppercut. Rey with a rana to Burchill followed by an enzuigiri. Burchill is in the ropes and he hits the 619 and the springboard leg drop on Burchill. Regal makes the save and Bradshaw with a Clothesline from Wall Street on Regal that knocks him out of the ring. From out of nowhere, Shawn Michaels comes into the ring and he hits Sweet Chin Music on Bradshaw. Security chases after Michaels and that allows Masters and Carlito to come into the ring to attack Mysterio. Members of the Smackdown roster come out to chase Masters and Carlito away. We go to commercial.

Winner: No Contest

We are back with a Moments Ago Moment of Shawn Michaels hitting Sweet Chin Music on Bradshaw and the attack by Carlito and Masters on Mysterio.

It is time for our next match, Orlando Jordan versus Bobby Lashley

Orlando attacks Bobby as he enters the ring. Lashley with an Irish whip to Jordan, but he charges into a boot. Lashley with a spine buster followed by a suplex and slam. Lashley continues the attack with a belly-to-belly suplex. Lashley with the Dominator for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

We go outside the arena and security is laid out. Teddy tells the referee to get everyone from the locker room at ringside to make sure nothing happens in the main event. We go to commercial.

We are back and the Smackdown and Velocity wrestlers are surrounding the ring for the main event.

It is time for the main event, Randy Orton (with Bob Orton Junior) versus Batista (with Batista Boogie) in a No Holds Barred match for the World Title

Batista backs Orton into the corner and then he breaks the collar and elbow tie up. Orton backs Batista into the corner and Batista favors his injured back. From out of nowhere, the Raw wrestlers come out to the ring and it is pandemonium in the ramp to the ring. Murdoch and Cade take on Orton, but Orton with RKOs to both Murdoch and Cade. Shawn Michaels with Sweet Chin Music to Michaels, but Mysterio with a springboard senton to Michaels followed by the 619. Carlito with a Roll the Dice on Mysterio and Masters with the Master Lock on Mysterio. Batista with spinebusters for Carlito and Masters. Kane comes into the ring and Batista with a running shoulder tackle on Kane. Batista knocks Show off the apron. Batista runs Kane into the corner, but Batista turns into Show. Show grabs Batista for a choke slam, but Batista with a kick to the groin area. Batista sets for the Sit Out BatistaBomb, but Show with a head butt to Batista’s back. Show with a super kick to Batista that sends him outside the ring. Kane and Show surround Batista and rearrange the announce table. Kane and Show with a double choke slam of Batista through the table while the battle continues in the ring. We go to credits.

Winner: No Contest