WWE Talent Worried About Their Jobs, Khali’s Translator

Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

With Stephanie McMahon’s promotion over talent relations last week, many wrestlers & divas are worried about their jobs and also the direction WWE will go in. Although Vince McMahon has the final say, he has been known to favor her opinions. Many see the releases lately due to her and expect more in the coming weeks/day.

The Great Khali’s manager/translator is writing team member Dave Kapoor, who is originally a reporter out of San Francisco. His character’s name is Runjin Singh, which is supposedly an inside joke at a former writing team member by the name of Dr. Ranjan Chhibber, who always took Paul Heyman’s side in conflicts with Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie didn’t like Chhibber at all and Michael Hayes would often make fun of him. He quit some time back. Eric Bischoff was also talked about for the role, but he either turned it down, or some people blocked it. Bischoff probably wouldn’t have taken it anyway because he only wants a General Manager-like role if he is going to appear on TV. If they went through with Bischoff, the storyline would be that Bischoff would get behind Khali to get revenge on Cena because he was a key player in him kicked off Raw in 2005.