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Event: WWE One Night Stand Pay-Per-View

Airdate: Sunday, June 3rd, 2007

Location: The Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL

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WWE One Night Stand Opener:

One Night Stand opened with all three announce teams welcoming us to the show.

Extreme Stretcher Match

Referee: Mike Posey

Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

The stretcher was set up at ringside, and there was a “finish line” at the end of the aisle. A person has to be stretchered past the line to win. As Randy Orton made his entrance, they reviewed the events leading to this match. Rob Van Dam walked slowly to the ring, staring at Orton the whole time, while Orton returned the glare from the ring. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are calling this match.

The Start:They went face to face at the bell and exchanged words. RVD did the “Rob Van Dam” pose, but instead of doing three points to himself, he did two and then kicked Orton right in the head with a spin kick. Van Dam hit a forearm in the corner, then tossed him into the opposite side and kicked him in the head again. RVD hit a forearm and a series of punches in the corner. RVD monkeyflipped Orton, and there was an “RVD” chant.

Mid-Match Notes:

Van Dam kicked Orton in the chest, then hit a kick to the cut. Orton rolled to the apron and Van Dam hit a slingshot legdrop onto Orton’s chest on the apron. Orton tried to kick a charging RVD, but Van Dam caught the kick and blasted Orton with a spinkick to the head. Orton reversed a whip, but as he tried a backdrop, Van Dam grabbed him, hit a heel kick to the head, then another spinkick, followed by a corkscrew legdrop.

RVD hit a series of forearms and then another kick. RVD went for a backdrop, but Orton went to kick him on the attempt. RVD caught the kick, but Orton hit one (weak) punch to the head and RVD sold it like he had another concussion. Orton went for an RKO, but Van Dam kicked him in the head. Van Dam went to go to the top rope, but slipped and fell to the floor.

Orton went to the floor and hit a glassy-eyed RVD with a a pair of forearm uppercuts. Orton took Van Dam in the ring and dropkicked him. Orton stomped Van Dam, including a shot to the head, and rolled RVD near the stretcher. Van Dam grabbed the bottom rope to avoid the stretcher, so Orton pulled him back into the ring and stomped him some more. Orton lifted RVD into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker, then dropped him to the mat suplex style. Orton rolled Van Dam to the floor. Van Dam got up and threw some jumping punches, but was still woozy. Van Dam threw Orton head first into the ringpost. Van Dam staggered up and put Orton on the stretcher. Van Dam got on the apron, did his pose, then hit a corkscrew legdrop off the apron onto Orton on the stretcher.

RVD rolled Orton into the ring and hit a slingshot legdrop. Van Dam hit a pair of clotheslines, then went for Rolling Thunder, only for Orton to grab Van Dam and plant him with a powerslam. Orton dragged Van Dam near the apron, and climbed out of the ring. Orton tried to suplex Van Dam out of the ring from the apron, but Van Dam blocked it and dropkicked Orton to the floor.

Van Dam loaded Orton onto the stretcher. Van Dam got in the ring and charged off the ropes, diving over the top into a somersault plancha, but Orton moved and Van Dam crashed onto the floor, catching his foot on the stretcher on the way down.

The Finish:Orton put Van Dam on the stretcher and wheeled it near the line, but Van Dam started to get up. Orton hit some punches, but Van Dam kicked Orton in the head from the stretcher. Van Dam rolled off, Orton fell onto it, and Van Dam pushed Orton and the stretcher across the line to get the win at the fifteen minute mark.

Winner – Rob Van Dam

The Aftermath:

Orton attacked Van Dam from behind in the aisle, then kicked him in the head from the ring apron, sending RVD over the guardrail and into the ringside fans. Orton pulled RVD over the security wall, so he was hanging by his feet, then drove him into the floor with a DDT. Van Dam was out cold. The EMT’s put him in a neckbrace and wheeled him out, while Orton watched from the aisle.


Backstage, Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon were chatting. Vince McMahon said he had a premonition that something bad would happen to him. However, he was not worried about the match tonight, feeling it was something else. Shane said it probably was something he ate, and that he and Umaga would be around to help Vince later.

Extreme Tables Match

Referee: Scott Armstrong

CM Punk, The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer


Elijah Burke, Matt Striker & Marcus Cor Von

The Start:

Sandman did his entrance, complete with beer drinking in the crowd. Dreamer and CM Punk then did separate entrances. Tazz and Joey Styles are calling this one. The New Breed came out as a unit. Cor Von started with Dreamer, as the teams are tagging in and out. Cor Von hit a shoulderblock, but missed an elbowdrop. They traded holds on the mat, then Striker distracted Dreamer and Cor Von hit a double underhook suplex.

Mid-Match Notes:

Burke tagged in, and worked over Dreamer with punches. Burke hit a kneedrop, but missed a splash in the corner. Dreamer hit a bulldog and tagged in Sandman, who hit a flapjack. Burke hit a knee to the gut and tagged in Striker. Sandman hiptossed him and tagged in Punk, who hit some knees to the chest, then a jumping knee and a bulldog. Dreamer tagged in and elbowdropped Striker as Punk gave him a side slam. Dreamer and Punk did the old Dudleys “Get The Tables” bit. Dreamer went to the floor for a table, but Cor Von attacked him, so Punk jumped from the ring and hit a tope.

In the ring, Sandman was going for his cane, but Burke hit him. Punk hit Burke with a springboard clothesline. Striker ran from Sandman, but Sandman chased him to the floor and caned him. A table was set up on the floor, and Dreamer & Sandman went to suplex him through it, but Cor Von and Burke moved the table.

Everyone was brawling on the floor, then Burke and Cor Von got Punk in the ring. Cor Von powerslammed Punk and Burke hit an elbowdrop out of the corner. Burked ordered Striker to put a table in the ring. Striker set up a table in the corner and the New Breed worked over Punk. Dreamer saved Punk as Cor Von was going to slam him through the table.

Dreamer and Sandman cleaned house, sending Burke and Cor Von to the floor. Sandman went for a top rope Frankensander, but Striker shoved Sandman to the floor. Dreamer gave Striker a spinebuster, then Burke tackled Dreamer. Punk gave Burke an enzugiri, but Cor Von powerbombed Punk. Cor Von put Punk on a table in the ring and went for a V Bomb, but Sandman caned Cor Von from the apron. Cor Von fell to the floor. Striker pulled Sandman off the apron, and Sandman hit his head on the steps. Striker was climbing the ropes, with Punk still on the table.

The Finish:

Dreamer gave Burke a piledriver and put him on the table, as Punk rolled off and caught Striker on the top rope. Punk superplexed Striker off the top rope and through the table, with Burke on it, for the win at the seven minute mark.

Winners – CM Punk, Tommy Dreamer & The Sandman


Randy Orton went up to Edge backstage, noting that Edge vs. Batista is a battle of his former partners. Orton said if he ends up on Smackdown as a result of the draft, Edge will “be next”. Edge said if Orton comes to Smackdown, he’ll end up just like Batista, and took his belt and walked off.

Rob Van Dam Update:

It was reported that Rob Van Dam has suffered another concussion.

WWE World Tag Team Championship Ladder Match

Referees: Michael Chioda & Marty Elias

The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Hardys (c)

The Start:

They started brawling right away, and Matt gave Shelton a bulldog. The Hardys hit a double suplex on Haas. Double hiptoss then fistdrop elbowdrop on Shelton. Haas decked them with a double clothesline, then Haas and Benjamin went for ladders. The Hardys did the same, so we had four ladders in the ring. They had a standoff, then the Hardys dropped their ladders and dropkicked Haas and Benjamin’s ladders into themselves. Haas was whipped into a ladder in the corner, then two more ladders were piled on him, then Shelton, then Jeff hit Air Hardy on Shelton’s back. Shelton collapsed, and the Hardy’s knocked the ladders on him.

Mid-Match Notes:

Jeff climbed a ladder, but Haas pulled Matt out of the ring, then grabbed Jeff and yanked him off the ladder and to the mat. Big chant for the Hardy’s. Charlie began to climb, but Matt pulled him off into an electric chair. The Hardy’s climbed a ladder and went for the belts, but Shelton threw another ladder at them, knocking them down. Shelton with a short arm clothesline on Jeff. Haas bridged a ladder in the corner, then he and Benjamin dropped Matt on it with a back suplex.

Shelton slammed Jeff, then Haas and Benjamin did a double leg whip, putting Jeff up against the ladder. Haas rammed Matt head first into a ladder. Haas and Benjamin climbed a ladder, but Matt pulled Shelton down and the Hardys yanked Charlie down. Haas rammed Jeff into the ladder twice. Shelton dropkicked a ladder into Matt, then Haas hit Jeff and Matt in the ribs with a ladder.

Haas and Shelton piled up a ladder on top of another and went for a teeter-tooter spot, but the Hardys broke it up and double hiptossed Shelton on the ladders, then slammed Haas onto the pile as well. The Hardys double clotheslined Benjamin over the top rope and to the floor. The Hardys grabbed the extra large ladders from ringside. They bridged one across the apron and guardrail, then dropped Haas gut first on it.

Matt then tried to suplex Shelton out of the ring onto the ladder, but Shelton blocked it and suplexed Matt into the ring. Shelton charged Matt and was backdropped over the top rope and onto the bridged ladder at ringside. Matt put Shelton on the bridged ladder, and Jeff went to the top rope. Haas cut off Jeff and gave him a second rope German suplex. Matt got in the ring and gave Haas a Side Effect. Matt set up the ladder and began to climb up.

Haas and Benjamin grabbed him and tipped the ladder, sending him chest first into the top rope. Haas leaned one ladder against another at ringside and put Matt against it. In the ring, Benjamin gave Jeff an exploder suplex. Haas held the ladder Hardy was on, so Matt was on a ladder stretched between the ladder and Haas. Benjamin climbed a ladder in the ring and dove off, straddling Matt on the ladder at ringside. Sick spot.

Haas got in the ring and climbed up a ladder. Jeff came up the other side, hit Haas, then superplexed Haas off the ladder to the mat. Jeff climbed up a ladder and went for the belts. Shelton went for a springboard, but slipped and instead kicked the ladder as he fell, and it tipped the ladder and Jeff fell tot he mat. Benjamin hit Hardy twice with a ladder, then climbed up. Matt got back in and knocked it over, hanging up Benjamin in the ropes. Matt gave Shelton a neckbreaker.

Matt set up two ladders and began climbing. Shelton climbed the other one and started punching it out. Haas and Jeff climbed up as well and all four men brawled. Haas and Benjamin knocked over the ladder with the Hardys, but the Hardys landed on their feet. They knocked over Haas and Benjamin and Haas fell into the ropes, while Benjamin went over the top rope and hit the ladder that was bridged at ringside.

The Finish:

Jeff gave Haas a Swanton Bomb, while Matt started climbing the ladder. The Hardys grabbed the belts for the win at the 18 minute mark.

Winners and still WWE World Tag Team Champions, The Hardys


The Great Khali did an interview. His translator recapped that Khali beat Cena easily last night, and pinned him with one foot. He said Khali would pin Cena again tonight, and then go back to India for a huge celebration. Khali grabbed the mic and said he would “break” Cena. At least, I think that is what he said.

Extreme Lumberjack Match


Mark Henry vs. Kane

The Lumberjacks Arrive:

The lumberjacks are Chris Benoit, Val Venis, Santino Marella, Balls Mahoney, Stevie Richards (who jumped on Balls and rode him piggyback-style to the ring), The Miz, Kevin Thorn, Chris Masters, Johnny Nitro, Chavo Guerrero, Kenny Dykstra and Carlito.

The Start:

Mark Henry tossed Kane to the floor at the bell, but the heels were afraid to touch him, and Kane got back in on his own. Kane hit a shot to the throat, ducked a clothesline and hit some punches and a boot to the face. Henry fell to the floor. The lumberjacks went to grab him, but Henry tossed them off and just got in on his own.

Mid-Match Notes:

They exchanged punches, with Kane getting the better of it. Henry rolled to the floor, and Kane followed. Chavo Guerrero got between them, but was swatted away. Henry rammed Kane into the apron, then lifted Kane and rammed him back first into the ringpost. Henry got into the ring, and the heels threw Kane in. Henry hit Kane with a forearm to the back, then a double sledge.

Kane came back with an uppercut, then hit another one. Kane ran into a Mark Henry powerslam for a two count. Henry went for the bearhug, but Kane headbutted him away. Kane ran into a Henry bodyblock and fell to the mat. Henry applied the bearhug, and backed Kane into a corner. The referee forced a break. Kane grabbed Henry by the throat, but he couldn’t lift him for the chokeslam, as his back was hurting.

Henry reapplied the bearhug. Kane fought it off, and knocked Henry through the ropes and to the floor. Some of the heels were helping Henry to his feet, and Kane got on the top rope and dove off, knocking down Henry and those that were trying to help him. Henry rolled into the ring, and Kane (with a slight lumberjack assist) got in as well.

Kane hit some punches and a clothesline in the corner. Kane hit another clothesline in the corner, but was holding his back. Kane went to the top rope and hit a clothesline. Kane went for the chokeslam again, this time hitting it.

The Finish:

Kenny Dykstra and Chavo Guerrero ran in and attacked Kane, but Kane knocked Chavo away and chokeslammed Dykstra (no disqualifications tonight). This allowed Henry to grab Kane in a bearhug again. Kane passed out in the bearhug and Henry was declared the winner at the nine minute mark.

Winner – Mark Henry


Haas and Benjamin and the Hardys were all backstage being iced down by the trainers. Benjamin began yelling at the Hardys, saying this wasn’t a wrestling match tonight, and blaming them for the injuries they all suffered. Jeff ended up slugging Benjamin as he was approaching Matt, and a brawl broke out, with officials trying to separate them.

Lashley/McMahon History Recap:

A video package on the events leading to McMahon vs. Lashley were shown.

ECW World Heavyweight Championship Street Fight Match

Referee: Scott Armstrong

Bobby Lashley vs. Mr. McMahon (c)

The Start:

Vince was accompanied by Shane and Umaga. At the bell, Lashley dove out of the ring to hit Umaga, but missed badly, with only his foot catching Umaga. Umaga sold it anyway. Shane attacked Lashley on the floor, rolled him into the ring and hit some punches. Lashley picked up Shane and press slammed him over the top rope and onto Umaga.

Mid-Match Notes:

Lashley pounded and stomped Vince down in the corner. Shane ran in, and Lashley threw him out. Umaga and Lashley went at it, but Umaga missed a splash in the corner, hitting his head on the ringpost. Shane ran in with a chair, but Lashley kicked him down. Lashley lifted Vince for a slam, but Umaga hit him with a shot to the throat. Shane DDT’d Lashley on the chair, and Umaga stomped him. Umaga whipped Lashley into a Vince clothesline.

Umaga and Shane lifted him up and threw him into another clothesline. Umaga, Shane and Vince kicked Lashley and choked him on the mat. Umaga and Shane whipped Lashley into a Vince kick, then Shane threw him to the floor. Vince choked Lashley on the floor with the bell hammer, and Umaga pounded him. Vince then choked Lashley with a camera cable. Lashley was brought back into the ring, and Umaga gave him a Samoan Drop. Vince covered, but Lashley kicked out at two.

They held up Lashley, and Vince gave him a spear for another two. Vince choked Lashley, then Shane and Umaga pounded him. The McMahons stretched out Lashley and Umaga went for a splash, but Lashley sat up and pulled Vince into the path of the splash. Lashley went to town on Shane and Umaga, tossing both of them from the ring. Lashley hit Vince with a chair shot to the head, then hit a series of chairshots to the back. Lashley hit a running powerslam, but Umaga pulled him from the ring.

Lashley rammed Umaga into the steps, then went for a chair. Before Lashley could use it, Umaga kicked him in the throat. Umaga then splashed Lashley on the floor from the apron. Umaga put Lashley on the ECW announce table, and Shane hit a top rope elbowsmash, putting Lashley through the table. Umaga rolled Lashley back into the ring, and Vince covered him, but Lashley kicked out at two.

Umaga got in and hit a chop to the throat. Umaga beat him down in the corner, then charged and hit the posterior thrust in the corner. Shane McMahon got back into the ring with a trash can, and he and Umaga set up for the Coast To Coast kick.

The Finish:

Shane went for the kick, but Lashley moved and the trash can ended up hitting Umaga, how had been holding it at ringside. Lashley speared Shane McMahon, then speared Vince McMahon for the pin at the 12-minute mark.

Winner and NEW ECW World Heavyweight Champion, Bobby Lashley

The Aftermath:

Lashley hit another spear on Vince after the match, which they almost missed since they were setting up for replays.


Santino Marella was hitting on Maria backstage in Italian. Todd Grisham interrupted, and wanted Maria’s expert opinion on Candice vs. Melina in the pudding match. Maria did the “now I’m smart” thing, and gave a scientific explanation of pudding. Candice came over and asked Santino for a kiss good luck. Maria pushed Santino away and kissed Candice on the lips. Candice said “that’s good luck” and left. Santino said “I love America” and left. Ron Simmons walked in and said “Damn!”

Extreme Pudding Match

Referee: Marty Elias

Candice Michelle vs. Melina

The Match:

Candice was dressed like she was going to a pajama party. Melina was dressed like she was going to the beach. Candice threw Melina into the pudding filled kiddie pool (complete with whipped cream). Melina was actually fighting with sunglasses on. They rolled out of the pool, and flung pudding at each other. Candice speared Melina into the pool. They rolled out again and Candice cradled Melina for a two count on the floor. I think Melina used an Oriental Spike at one point. Someone did a DDT. Someone did some elbows.

The Finish:

Candice was smothering Melina in the pudding by holding her head under the pudding, so Melina tapped (tapped on the pudding) out giving Candice her third straight victory over Melina

Winner – Candice Michelle

Post-Match Interview:

Maria tried to interview Candice, but Melina threw pudding at her, so Maria jumped into the pool and tackled Melina. Then the referee got pulled into the pool. Melina was slipping and falling as she was leaving. Maria and Candice hugged in celebration, and Candice’s top almost fell off.

Edge/Batista History Recap:

The events leading to Batista vs. Edge were recapped.

World Heavyweight Championship Cage Match

Referee: Mickey Henson

Batista vs. Edge (c)

The Start:

Edge ran for the door at the bell, but Batista grabbed him and flung him across the ring. Edge climbed up the cage, but Batista pulled him down. Batista hit some shoulderblocks in the corner, then hit a forearm uppercut after whipping him across the ring.

Mid-Match Notes:

Edge climbed the cage again, but Batista got up on the top rope with him and beat him down. Batista pounded Edge in the ring, then hit a shoulderblock for a two count. Edge tried to fight back, but Batista out punched him and then hit a clothesline for a two count. Edge hit some punches, then went to climb up the cage again, but Batista pulled him back into the ring and hit a clothesline from behind. Batista suplexed Edge for a two count.

Batista started to climb up the cage, kicking away Edge as he tried to stop him. Edge ended up dropkicked Batista’s legs as he stood on the top rope, and Batista fell between the ropes and cage. Edge hit a shoulderblock between the ropes, then rammed the back of Batista’s head into the cage. Edge hit a baseball slide into Batista, then kicked him and drove a knee into his midsection.

Edge crawled for the door, but Batista pulled him back in. Batista went for a slam, but Edge floated over and drove the back of Batista’s head into the mat. They went to the ropes again, and Batista pulled Edge down with a superplex into the ring. Batista climbed up the cage, but Edge met him there. Batista rammed Edge into the support beam, and Edge fell into the mat. Batista jumped off the top rope for a shoulderblock, but Edge dropkicked him as he came down. Both men were slow to get up. They charged each other, Edge looking for a spear, Batista looking for a shoulderblock, and they collided.

They slowly got up, and Batista rammed Edge back first into the cage. Batista hit a clothesline, and got a two count with a sidewalk slam. Edge went for a dropkick off the ropes, but Batista swatted it away. Batista catapulted Edge into the cage and got a two count. Batista whipped Edge across the ring and hit a clothesline, then lifted him up and rammed him into the cage. Edge sidestepped a Batista charge and Batista ran into a corner where a turnbuckle cover had previously been pulled off. Edge hit a spear for a two count. Edge was bleeding from the mouth.

Edge started to climb up the cage, but Batista pulled him off and into a spinebuster for a two count. Batista lifted Edge for a powerbomb, but Edge grabbed the cage and pulled himself up on it. Edge got on top of the support beams, but Batista got onto the top rope and grabbed Edge, pulling him down inside the cage. They were on the top rope, and Edge hit two kicks to the groin. Batista fell, crotching himself on the top rope, and then fell into the ring.

The Finish:

Edge fell down, then climbed back up, boosting himself over the top of the cage. Batista was crawling for the door, but Edge dropped to the floor at the fifteen minute mark. Batista had his hands on the floor before Edge dropped, but as noted by the announcers, it is “both feet” that must touch the floor first.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion, Edge

The Aftermath:Batista stalked Edge at ringside, and Edge jumped over the security wall and ran out through the crowd, leaving the World Title belt at ringside with a frustrated Batista pounding his fists in anger on the SmackDown! announce table.

Summerslam Commercial:

The Biggest Party of the Summer will be crashed when Summerslam 2007 arrives on PPV this coming August

Cena/Khali History Recap: The events leading to Cena vs. Great Khali were recapped.

– They showed highlights of the John Cena vs. The Great Khali program.

(8) Falls Count Anywhere for the WWE title: John Cena vs. The Great Khali (with his translater).

Ross is really selling that Khali has never been pinned. Mike Chioda is the referee. Fans seem mixed on Cena tonight. Big boot to the face by Khali. Khali misses a leg drop attempt, which grounds the challenger. Khali knocked Cena off the top rope, onto the ring floor. Khali attempts a big boot pin fall attempt, but Cena kicked out. Khali smashes Cena into a televison monitor. The action moves into the crowd. Cena hits Khali with a monitor from a production table. Cena tries to pin Khali on the floor, but he kicked out. Cena tried to FU Khali on the floor, but was unable to. Khali tosses the champion onto a crane. Cena FU-ed Khali off the crane onto the arena floor. Cena pins Khali at 10:29 to retain the WWE title.

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