Ryan Clark

Event: WWE One Night Stand Pay Per View

Airdate: Sunday, June 1st, 2008 (Live On PPV)

Location: The San Diego Sports Arena in San Diego, Calif.

Results by Chris Cash, WrestleZone.com

Jeff Hardy vs Umaga

“Falls Count Anywhere” match

Jeff Hardy makes his way out to the ring first, followed by the two-time Intercontinental Champion, Umaga. Crowd sounds hot from the beginning. Umaga starts with the offense first until the Whisper in the Wind by Hardy. However, Umaga answers quickly with the Black Hole Slam. Large “Hardy” chant. Hardy pulls the top rope down as Umaga charges sending him to the outside and follows it up with a cross body to the outside and a two-count.

Now on the outside, Umaga takes over hitting Hardy with chairs. Hardy takes a fire extinguisher, but doesn’t know how to use it at first and finally figures it out blowing it in the eyes of Umaga. They go through the curtains into the back area as Umaga shows the icy effects of the extinguisher. Hardy slides down a stair rail and nails Umaga with a clothesline, followed by a two count.

Umaga takes over offense as the two fight outside of the arena. Umaga rams Hardy’s head into a forklift outside and goes for a cover, but to no avail. Then, Hardy is put head first into the back of a production truck. Hardy reverses a shot to the back of another production truck and starts climbing up the ladder of the truck. Umaga follows by is kicked off. Hardy goes to the top of the truck and nails a huge Swanton. The camera angle didn’t allow us to see where it landed, but it showed them on the asphalt once we saw them again. Cover and the 1-2-3!

WINNER: Jeff Hardy

We got to Michael Cole and Mick Foley to put over the Shawn Michaels and Batista “Stretcher Match”. A pre-taped promo airs with Mick Foley explaining the rules of the match. They then kick it over to Adamle and Tazz and they promote the ECW “Singapore Cane Match”, which is next!

Big Show vs CM Punk vs Chavo Guerrero vs Tommy Dreamer vs John Morrison

“Singapore Cane Match”

Punk is out first, followed by Chavo, then Tommy Dreamer, then John Morrison, then Big Show. After the bell sounds, all four go after Show, but it doesn’t last long as Big Show takes over and levels all of them. After finally getting Show on his back, the other competitors take turns hitting their signature moves on him. They all then go up and grap a singapore cane at the same time and each start nailing Show with them one after another. Dreamer and Punk tag-team him over the top rope.

Punk and Chavo start battling outside and Chavo misses him with a singapore cane and nails NFL linebacker, Sean Merriman! Merriman is then handed the cane by Punk and gets a shot of his own on Chavo! Show is up and grabs the steel steps outside, but before he can hit The Miz with it, Morrison hits him in the stomach with a cane.

Dreamer now getting some offense in in the ring and puts a Texas Cloverleaf on Punk, but is then nailed in the head. Big Show is shown busted up on the outside. “ECW” chants break out right before Big Show gets up with a crazy look in his eye. He goes after Miz and just crushes him with multiple cane shots. Morrison jumps over the top rope to the outside, but is also met with a hard shot by Show.

Show then enters the ring again and levels everyone else. A trash can full of singapore canes are on the ring apron, so he has an endless supply and he uses a few of them. Chokeslam to Tommy Dreamer, but no cover. Rather, Show picks Dreamer back up, stands him up in the corner, claps as if he respects him, grabs another singapore cane, and nails him one more time for good measure right on top of the head. Cover…1-2-3.

WINNER: Big Show

We go to Todd Grisham in the back with Vince McMahon. Grisham talks about how the media is talking mostly about the “Million Dollar Giveaway” and Vince guarantees that it’s actually going to happen. He also has a name for it: “McMahon’s Million Dollar Mania”. He says he will give details away tomorrow night on Raw, explains that Grisham is not eligible, and it’s followed by the notorious “DAMN” with Ron Simmons.

John Cena vs JBL

“First Blood Match”

JBL enters first. After a long break between music (10-15 seconds or so), out comes Cena. Crowd sounds pro-Cena so far. Bell sounds and immediately, JBL takes off one of the turnbuckle cushions. Cena reacts by doing the same. They meet in the middle of the ring and let the punches begin. As the match gets going, you can hear the crowd a little better now without Cena’s music drowing it out. A very mixed crowd and boos are much more apparent.

Cena and JBL quickly find themselves on the outside of the ring, but JBL tosses Cena back in soon thereafter. JBL in control right now with punches, back elbows, punches, clotheslines, and more punches. Back outside the ring! JBL takes Cena’s head and grates it across the steel fan rail. No blood though and Cena comes back with a little offense (a few punches), but it doesn’t last long. JBL graps a chair, positions Cena’s head near the ring post on the outside, but he misses Cena’s head by a mile.

Back in the ring, JBL takes a microphone and nails Cena on the top of the head with it, which did make a really cool sound over the speakers. He waits for Cena to get up again so he can hit him again, but Cena gains momentum with his shoulder blocks, followed by the Five Knuckle Shuffle – “You can’t see me”!

Cena takes him up on his shoulders for the FU, but he’s too close to the ropes and JBL reverses as they go back to the outside. Still no blood though. JBL throws Cena into the ring post, ref checks for blood, but none yet. JBL then grabs the steel steps and launches them in the air at Cena, but misses. Cena gains back control and takes his own microphone and nails JBL – it made another cool sound.

Cena scrapes JBL’s head into the steel steps, but still no blood. He then rolls JBL into the ring, takes a chair, but JBL reverses and rams Cena’s head into the corner turnbuckle that was missing the cushion. No blood. Cena then ducks a clothesline and slams JBL face first on to a chair laying in the ring.

JBL grabs a chain and nails Cena in the stomach with it. He tries another shot after Cena gets up, but misses and Cena hits the FU! Obviously, no blood results from that though. They both take a while to get up and when they do, JBL nails a big boot to Cena’s face and he gets tied up in the ropes by his arms. JBL goes outside and brings back a whip!

JBL never gets to use the whip though because he gets to close and Cena hits him with a low blow, grabs the chain, and chokes JBL. It resulted in JBL bleeding from the mouth.

WINNER: John Cena

Batista is shown in the back as he’s approached by Randy Orton. Orton wishes him luck and after Batista asks him what he wants, Orton brings up the upcoming draft and how they could be on the same show. He suggests that the two get together again if they do wind up on the same show, but instead of being followers, they would be leaders. Batista doesn’t answer and just walks away.

Beth Phoenix vs Melina

“I Quit Match”

The match starts with Melina jumping on Beth Phoenix early with a great submission move that catches Beth off guard, but it doesn’t last long and Beth takes over on offense. Melina takes a handful of Beth’s hair, goes up to the top rope and leaps off resulting in Beth landing face first. Then, Melina locks in the California Dream submission.

Beth gains back momentum and does that same backbreaker move she did at the last pay per view with two women on her shoulders. Then, she flips Melina over off of her shoulders, locks on an armbar and demands the ref ask her if she quits. Very cool spot in the corner where Melina does a reversal roll underneath Beth’s legs and sends her flying into the second corner turnbuckle. She then lands an armbar faceplant, locks on another armbar, but Phoenix won’t quit.

Melina switches over to a Cross Armbreaker, but Beth still won’t give up. Then, showing her strength, Beth Phoenix lifts Melina up and slams her down with one arm. Phoenix then locks in her new submission, the Glam Slam. Melina holds on some, but after Phoenix puts it on even tighter curling Melina up backward in a very bad looking position, Melina can’t hold on – she gives up.

WINNER: Beth Phoenix

We then see John Cena in the back with Mickie James, a little flirting, and…Mike Adamle. Adamle comes out of the bathroom, a few bad jokes thrown in, and he leaves. Cena and James are left talking about putting chokeholds on each other later.

HBK vs Batista

“Stretcher Match”

HBK is out first and he has a very intense and focused look on his face. Batista is out second. The ringing of the bell and immediately, Michaels charges Batista and jumps on him with punches, but Batista throws him off…twice. Batista then throws him outside and Michaels hits the stretcher on the way down. Batista then picks up Michaels and launches him on top of the stretcher.

The steel steps are getting a lot of action tonight as HBK places Batista on top of it and then wheels the stretcher into him. Batista gets back to all fours and Michaels strikes him again with the stretcher. He then attempts to place Batista on to the stretcher, but Batista counters and tries a Batista Bomb. However, Michaels reverses with a chokehold and Batista starts fading as they slowly rest on the stretcher.

Michaels then has the opportunity to win the match as he places Batista on the stretcher and starts wheeling him to the finish line. He doesn’t make it though as Batista kicks his way off the stretcher and heads back toward the ring. Batista then whips HBK into the steel post and gains momentum with a huge spinebuster onto the corner of the ring apron.

The two roll back into the ring and a huge clothesline by Batista. Irish whip into the corner, followed by another clothesline. After a quick running powerslam, Batista attempts a spear, but finds the steel post in the corner instead. Michaels follows, is thrown off the ropes, and lands the flying elbow. Michaels kicks himself up, heads to the top rope, and the elbow hits the spot.

Michaels starts tuning up the band, but is leveled with a clothesline by Batista. Batista then tries a Batista Bomb over the top rope, but Michaels fights it and nails some Sweet Chin Music! Batista falls through the ropes to the outside right on top of a stretcher. Michaels follows and starts dragging the stretcher to the finish line.

Batista is apparently heavy and Michaels doesn’t get real far as Batista rolls himself off of the stretcher. Michaels tries to put him back on, but Batista fights it. HBK then repeatedly rams the stretcher into Batista’s stomach. The last time he tries to, however, Batista grabs the stretcher and seesaws it into HBK’s face.

Back in the ring and Batista stalks HBK and lands a huge spear. The Ultimate Warrior shake of the ropes, followed by a Batista Bomb! Batista drags HBK to the outside and sets him up on one of the stretchers, but Jericho comes out and starts talking to Michaels telling him he has “more heart than this”, encouraging him to get up as Batista simply watches this take place. The ref kicks Jericho out and Batista takes Michaels back into the ring.

HBK crawls toward Batista, drags himself up to his feet, pushes Batista, and tries a super kick, but is apparently too weak to deliver it and simply falls over face first. Batista then delivers another Batista Bomb, puts Michaels on a stretcher and starts wheeling him to the finish line. Jericho comes back out and tries to will HBK off the stretcher. Batista again looks on and stops trying to win the match, allowing Michaels to finally roll off the stretcher.

Batista walks to the ring and grabs the steel steps, takes it back up the entrance way to where Shawn Michaels is and delivers a huge spine buster onto the steps. He then puts Michaels back on the stretcher and pushes it across the line easily.

WINNER: Batista

Triple H vs Randy Orton

“Last Man Standing Match” for the WWE Championship

Orton comes out first, followed by Triple H. Lilian Garcia introduces the two of them Michael Buffer-style, the ref holds the title up to display, and we’re up and running. Orton and Triple quickly battle outside and Orton is rammed into those popular steel steps. Then, Orton has the same unfortunate introduction into the announce table before Triple H rolls him back into the ring.

Triple H continues pounding on Orton until Orton nails a dropkick. Orton’s offense doesn’t last long and he’s thrown back to the outside. A big right hand by Hunter and Orton goes down. Triple H then clears off the toppings of the ECW announce table (where no one’s at, by the way), takes Orton up to the top of it and sets him up for a pedigree. Orton reverses though, attempts an RKO, but Triple H throws him off the table instead.

Orton comes back quickly and DDT’s Triple H off of the announce table. Cool spot! Ref gets all the way up to a nine count before Triple H makes it back to his feet. Orton pulls back the mat on the floor exposing the concrete. Tries for an RKO, but Triple H counters by pushing Orton into the ring post. Ref starts count, but Orton gets up by 6 and the two head back to the ring and Orton hits Hunter in the back of the head with a clothesline.

Orton goes outside, gets the….you guessed it, the top of the steps, throws them into the ring and nails Triple H right in the face with them. The ref starts the count and Triple H makes it up at 9. Orton then goes and grabs an extension cord from underneath the ring, brings it in and starts choking The Game. Triple H fades and Orton gets up. Another count by the ref, but Triple H makes it to his feet again as Orton stalks him waiting for an RKO.

Orton attempts he RKO, but Triple H counters and throws him over the top rope. Orton landed HARD! Ref counts, but before he could get to 9, Triple H goes out after Randy and picks him up. Orton is favoring his left arm a ton and Triple H levels him with a couple of shots. He then goes underneath the ring and gets a sledgehammer. He lands a huge shot to Orton’s head with the sledgehammer. Referee starts counting again and Orton doesn’t even attempt getting up.

WINNER: Triple H

Doctors and officials come down to tend to Orton and Lawler and Ross brought up a broken collarbone quite a bit at the end of that match. I think they heard Orton say that to the ref right after the fall. Orton finally gets up and you can definitely see he has a broken collarbone. A few “RKO” chants and then a ton of boos and Orton never misses a beat – he plays up to it like a pro, despite being in definite pain. Wow! That’s all I can say.

Undertaker vs Edge

“TLC Match for World Heavyweight Title”

Edge comes out first. Here comes Taker. Introductions and the bell sounds. Taker lands a huge boot to Edge’s face quickly. He then takes him to the corner and lands multiple punches. Taker then goes old school early walking the ropes followed by another big boot.

Taker then goes outside the ring to bring a ladder in, but Edge slides under the ropes forcing the ladder into Taker’s face. Edge then sets up two tables on top of one another, but Taker nails him with a ladder to the face. Taker sets up another two tables directly by the other two tables that are stacked on top of each other! That equals FOUR TABLES!

Edge goes in the ring, grabs a ladder and sets it up underneath the handing title, but Undertaker enters and throws him off. Undertaker sets the ladder on top of one of the turnbuckles but Edge sends Taker flying into it face first. Edge then goes outside the ring and grabs a second ladder and sets it up on the opposite turnbuckle. He tries to irish whip Undertaker into it, but Taker counters and Edge gets a dose of the ladder.

Taker gets a THIRD ladder and brings it into the ring setting it up in the middle. He climbs to the top on one side and Edge comes up the other. Taker throws him off and Edge lands on one of the other ladders, but quickly comes back pushing the ladder over and Taker lands on the other ladder that was set up. Real good use of the ladder positions.

Edge rolls to the outside and Undertaker follows him as the crowd starts chanting “We want tables”! Taker grabs a chair and lands a couple of shots. Undertaker then sets Edge up on the ring apron and goes for the infamous leg drop, but Edge counters by putting a chair in his place.

Edge sets up a ladder between the ring apron and the guardrail. Taker sets up for a possible Last Ride onto that very ladder, but Edge counters with a lowblow. As Taker gets up, Edge levels him with a chairshot. Edge sets up another table (separate from the other four that are still positioned for future use more than likely). Edge then nails Taker with another chair shot and sets him up on the table. He stands up on the Smackdown announce table and a huge splash right on top of Undertaker through the table.

Edge goes back into the ring, sets the ladder up and starts climbling toward the belt. Undertaker pushes him off, but Edge lands on his feet and delivers a big spear to the Deadman! Edge then sets Undertaker’s leg up in between the ladder, stomps on it and then goes and gets a chair and delivers another shot to the leg of the Undertaker. He then goes outside the ring and brings a much taller ladder into the ring.

Edge sets the ladder up, grabs the chair again, and nails Undertaker twice to the head. Edge positions Taker’s head on top of one chair, goes and gets another one, but Taker counters with a lowblow. They both go to the ring apron and Taker hits a Chokeslam on Edge landing him on the ladder that was set up! He then goes inside and starts climbing the ladder, but here come the Edge brothers (Hawkins and Ryder) on the attack.

They set Taker up on top of a table, and position another table on top of him. Hawkins goes to the top rope, but Undertaker makes it up first and sends him flying to the outside through one table. He then chokeslams Ryder off the ring apron through another table on the outside (great spot)! However, Edge then spears Taker to the outside. He sets two tables up on top of each other on the insider of the ring and starts climbing the ladder again.

Undertaker makes it back into the ring and starts climbing after Edge and delivers the Last Ride through the two tables set up in the corner of the ring! After finally making it back to his feet, Undertaker starts up the ladder, but then Chavo Guerrero and Bam Neely come in and interfere. They try to deliver a Conchairto, but Taker counters and hits them both with chairshots. He starts climbing the ladder again, but Edge pushes it over and sends Taker flying through the four tables on the outside!!!

Edge sets up the ladder again and starts toward the top with Undertaker laid out on the outside. He’s going extremely slow, but Taker isn’t moving. Edge grabs the title! Undertaker must leave the WWE forever!


Edge celebrates and leaves. Then, Undertaker finally gets up to a great ovation from the crowd and wobbles to the back. The lights go out and a spotlight is shown on Taker leaving. He stops before exiting, turns and looks back at the crowd and they show him great appreciation. He kind of nods his head, turns back, and leaves as we go off the air.

Chris Cash Thoughts:

-Very good match between Umaga and Hardy. Although you couldn’t see Hardy hit the ground, the Swanton was an amazing spot due to the amazing height Hardy was at.

– The “Singapore Cane” match was good in the sense that it put Big Show over well, but didn’t really allow anyone else to get in much offense. Nothing spectacular, but Show had great aggression during the match and I’m looking foward to his match with Kane….okay, I’m not really, but it’s the best ECW has going right now.

– Really didn’t like the end to the Cena/JBL match with the bleeding from the mouth ordeal. Just seems fake to me. However, the bullwhip was a cool thought and looked like it would obviously be devastating if used on either competitor, but was simply a tease and left me wanting more.

– A good match between Beth Phoenix and Melina. Melina has always been a decent wrestler, but she probably has to be one of, if not the best sellers in the women’s division. Good finish because that Glam Slam looks amazing.

– A great match between Michaels and Batista – as always for Michaels. He’s simply amazing. But I have to admit, that was the weirdest ending I’ve seen to a match in a very long time. I simply did not understand Jericho coming out and moreso, I have no idea why Batista stood there and just watched as Y2J tried to help HBK win. He couldn’t have known he was going to win, could he? That would mean wrestling was scripted or something.

Other than the crazy finish, this was a great match and I like Batista getting the win. As much as I love Shawn Michaels, it’s about time he put someone over, although it’s Jericho’s turn now to get the rub because he needs it more right now than Batista, in my opinion.

– Triple H and Randy Orton was much better than their Cage Match last pay per view. The fall Orton took to the outside after the missed RKO looked brutal and now we know he is definitely hurt – a broken collarbone. That’s tough, but he can still be used while he’s taking time off. What was amazing was how he reacted afterward when he was heading to the back. He stayed in character while the crowd was booing and shows what type of entertainer he truly he is.

– Edge and Undertaker put on the most “extreme” match of the night and it was great. I could have done without all the interference, but if you are into extreme rules and extreme matches like this pay per view was supposed to offer, this match did more than deliver. I was on the edge of my seat (no pun intended) the entire time and it was very well produced.

Kudos to Undertaker for not making Edge take all the major bumps – Taker’s fall through the four stacked tables on the outside was great. I was surprised Edge won, however, and I’m anxious to see where they go from here. Taker was supposed to have another long reign. I wonder if that still in the plan and they are just prolonging it. I have no clue with the stip added that Undertaker now has to leave the company. This was a good swerve by WWE and I really want to see the end result however long it takes.

– Good pay per view overall and well worth the money in my opinion. The Edge/Undertaker match was phenomenal and all the other matches made this pay per view a very unique one with the stipulations added. I’ll have more of my thoughts on the show tomorrow night from 7:00-9:00 EST on the Voice of Wrestling radio show.

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