The Truth Behind Gail Kim Being “Stripped” of the TV Women’s Title

The following was sent to me from Dory Funk:

Thank you for the press and posting on your site, we cherish your help and appreciate the hard work that goes into your site, it is a cut above and we are proud to have notice from you and your team. Could you give a hand in keeping things on the level with your readers.

In a current posting on various sites, reporters have made the statement that Dory Funk has “stripped” Gail Kim of the !BANG! TV Women’s title. Please give your readers the straight talk on this. Dory Funk Jr. has never, ever, stripped any one of a title. Gail is a class act in any one’s book at any time, if professionally she had been able to work our show she would have. We are a training and marketing company with the finest ability to broadcast and promote our talent and Gail generously gave of her time to give something back to the up and coming talent that we have become so proud of. The title is on the line this week end between Claudia “the Claw” Reiff vs Awesome Kong (TNA Champion).

We are so thankful for the time Gail Kim contributed to our programs and we would not strip anything away from Gail, Gail relinquished the title and it’s up this Sunday Oct 26.

Claudia the Claw Reiff VS Awesome Kong

Thank you always,

hope you have a wonderful holiday

Mart and Dory Funk