Randy Orton Discusses Anger Management, Face Pops, & More

Randy Orton did an interview this interview with Lou Ramirez on KJ-97 out of San Antonio, Texas.  It was a good listen if you have 15 minutes and you can check out the audio HERE. Orton discussed what’s it like being on top of the WWE, some of his past mistakes and anger issues, Stone Cold being inducted into the Hall of Fame, and more. 

Here are some highlights:

On his past issues:

"I had a couple rough patches early in my career. I think I might have made some bad choices here and there…a little misconduct here and there, but it’s made me into who I am today.  I’ve learned from my own mistakes and the company definitely has faith in me and my abilities and it’s great to be very busy on Monday nights".

More on his past anger issues:

"You know, I think my whole deal was I didn’t think other people had a right to an opinion.  I think the problem I had was in real life, it was my way or the highway and if people disagreed with me, then they were just wrong.  I had to realize that other people had an opinion that counted and I had to realize that other people had feelings and you’ve got to watch their feelings and listen to what they have to say.  You know, this is just Randy Orton as a human being, not Randy Orton, ‘The Legend Killer’."

On getting a face pop:

"Deep down inside when I come to the ring, whether it’s a non-televised event, or tv, or pay per view, deep down inside, when you hear those ‘R-K-O’ chants or those ‘Orton’ chants, you know, it makes me smile on the inside.  But I definitely know I’m not doing the best job I can if I do hear those, so I’m striving for that reaction of just upsetting the fans [and] making them as angry as I can".