Exclusive WWE RAW Results – January 26, 2009

Ryan Clark

Exclusive WWE RAW Results - January 26, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - January 26, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - January 26, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - January 26, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - January 26, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - January 26, 2009WrestleZone’s exclusive, detailed results from the January 26th edition of WWE RAW!

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WWE RAW Results

January 26, 2009

By: Matthew Boone

–RAW opens with the video package of Randy Orton and Vince/Stephanie McMahon from last week’s show.

–RAW is live and we hear Orton’s theme, as he makes his way to the ring.

–Orton does his normal ramble about being a third generation superstar and how he has WWE in his blood. Orton goes on to talk about suffering from "IED". Intermitten Explosive Disorder. Orton reads some paperwork on the matter. He says when Stephanie smacked him, his IED kicked in. He says therefore, if Stephanie or the WWE tries to fire him, he will sue them. Since he won the Royal Rumble match he will sue for breach of contract since he is guaranteed his spot in the WrestleMania main event. He says DiBiase and Rhodes will leave with him if he’s fired. He reads another document apologizing for the trauma he caused Mr. McMahon. Orton wants to put this "ugly incident behind them" and move on. Orton officially apologizes to the entire McMahon family and the fans. Towards the end of Orton’s speech, we go backstage in a split screen and see Stephanie McMahon staring at Orton on TV and looking pissed off.

Cryme Tyme vs. The Miz & John Morrison:

The match begins. JTG and The Miz begin the match. JTG throws Miz into the corner, charges into him but gets thrown over the apron. Morrison distracts the referee as Miz does some damage on the outside of the ring. Pinfall attempt only gets them two. Miz tags Morrison in. Morrison is working over JTG. JTG hits a suplex out of nowhere and makes the tag to Shad. Morrison does some damage from behind, causing Cryme Tyme to suffer a pinfall loss. John Morrison and The Miz retain the WWE titles.

–Jerry "The King" Lawler introduces a video package for the return of the Elimination Chamber match at the upcoming WWE No Way Out pay-per view.

–JBL comes out, interupting Lawler on commentary. He apologizes for interupting but says he has to mention in a qualifying match for the Chamber match at No Way Out. JBL says tonight on RAW it will be his employee Shawn Michaels in a rematch from two weeks ago, as he battles John Cena tonight on RAW. He says HBK will win and he will go to the Elimination Chamber, and JBL will win.

Kofi Kingston vs. Kane

Elimination Chamber Qualifyer

Kane opens the bout by working over Kingston. In a back and forth battle, Kingston pulls off the upset victory. Kofi Kingston def. Kane via pinfall.

–The Randy Orton-kicking Mr. McMahon video package is played again.

–We go to commercial.

–Chris Jericho comes to the ring. He says everyone is talking about the movie, "The Wrestler" with Mickey Rourke. A trailer for the movie "The Wrestler" plays. Jericho says Ric Flair gave this movie a rave review. He says even though Flair is retired he has to stay in the spotlight because he craves is. He says because so, he and Mickey Rourke became friends. He said he gave Rourke bad advice though because last night on the red carpet, Mickey Rourke had this to say about me…a video interview with Mickey Rourke plays. Rourke says the McMahon’s want him to work at WrestleMania. Rourke in pretty serious fashion, says he wants Chris Jericho and that Jericho better watch his ass. He said Flair is training him. Back live and Jericho says Rourke is out of line. He says it’s one thing to play a wrestler in a movie, but it’s a different thing to be one. He said "your comments have offended me, Rourke." And that, "the last thing you want to do his offend Chris Jericho."

–We go backstage and see JBL approaching Shawn Michaels. HBK says he wants out of this arrangement. He explains why he did what he did last night at Royal Rumble and why things went wrong. JBL said he assumed too much and that he should fire HBK right now. But there’s business to be done. He said he can go to WrestleMania as world champion if HBK makes history repeat itself and beats John Cena tonight on RAW. He said that would allow him to go on to the Elimination Chamber and win it all. JBL tells HBK has one last chance tonight agains Cena. And that bout is up next!

Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena

Elimination Chamber Qualifyer

JBL’s music hits and out comes Shawn Michaels with JBL. A slight delay and we get Cena’s theme, with the big pop, and the entrance of the World heavyweight champion. John Cena. The two battle back and forth at the bell to start the bout. Cena starts to slowly get the better. We get a commercial break, early into the match. We return and the pace is picking up. Both men get a near submission victory on the other. HBK has Cena down and is going out on the apron. JBL, from the floor, sreams at HBK and says to superkick him. HBK yells back that he’s going to do it his way. HBK climbs to the top rope, JBL climbs up on the apron and Cena throws JBL into HBK, allowing Cena to get the victory. JBL is not moving on to work in the Elimination Chamber match now. John Cena def. Shawn Michaels (with JBL).

–A replay of the Orton-McMahon video from a week ago is played yet again, followed by Orton’s apology speech from earlier tonight on RAW.

–We go backstage after that, where Todd Grisham is standing with Stephanie McMahon. He acts for her reaction to Orton from earlier tonight. Stephanie said there will be a reaction and she’ll do it right to his face tonight.

–A video package of the Beth Phoenix-Melina WWE Women’s title match at Royal Rumble last night where Melina won in an upset to become the new champion. Back in the live arena we hear Melina’s music.

Melina (c) & Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall (with Santino Marella)

 The match begins. Marella is joining Lawler and Cole on commentary. The match doesn’t last long as Rosa Mendez interferes, allowing Beth Phoenix to get the pinfall and the victory. Beth Phoenix & Jillian Hall def. Melina & Kelly Kelly.

–A WrestleMania 25 video package airs as we go into a commercial.

–WWE Slam of the Week video is played. It’s Mike Knox vs. Rey Mysterio where Knox attacks the former World champion and gets diqaulified.

Rey Mysterio vs. William Regal

Elimination Chamber Qualifyer

From there we go to the ring. Rey Mysterio’s music hits and outcomes the former World champion Mysterio. William Regal comes out next and the bell sounds to start the match. Regal bullies Mysterio early, but Mysterio hits the 6-1-9 and the big splash to get the pinfall victory. Now Mysterio advances alongside John Cena and Kofi Kingston to the Elimination Chamber match at No Way Out. Rey Mysterio def. William Regal.

–The World Premiere of the trailer for the movie "12 Rounds" starring John Cena will be up next.

–We go backstage and Rosa Mendez is explaining to Santino Marella why she interfered in the match. Beth Phoenix is shown standing behind her with her arms crossed. She simply says "we can keep her" as Mendez is excited.

CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

Elimination Chamber Qualifyer

The Intercontinental champion CM Punk is out first, followed by Chris Jericho — as the match begins. It was a very good match, with the finish coming as Jericho hits the Codebreaker and gets the clean pinfall victory to advance to the Elimination Chamber match at the WWE No Way Out pay-per view. Chris Jericho def.CM Punk.

–The video package of Orton-Mr. McMahon airs even yet again.

 –We shoot to the backstage area as both Stephanie McMahon and Randy Orton are shown walking to the ring, as we go to a commercial break. We return and the General Manager is shown walking to the ring. Stephanie McMahon says she’s ready to react to Orton. She said she will not be intimidated by any lawsuit threats. She tells Orton to come to the ring. Orton’s music hits and out he comes with the rest of Legacy and his lawyers. Orton takes to the mic and says before Stephanie says another word, he wants her to ask herself a question: do you wanna go through with this? If she fires him here tonight, she’ll be subjecting herself to a nightmare. He’ll be gone, Cody and Ted will be gone, the star power in the RAW locker room will be crippled. One of Orton’s lawyers takes to the mic. He gets in Stephanie’s face and says his IED condition is real. He said his client is not going to get on his knees and apologize. If she wants to fire him, there will be extreme consequences. Stephanie quickly asks if that’s some kind of threat. She said Orton kicked her father in the head last week and he has the nerve to threaten her and this company. Orton says that’s right, he’s got a right to a main event at WrestleMania due to winning the Royal Rumble. He said if she fires him he will file an injuction to where there will be no WrestleMania this year. He will shut this company down. He asks Stephanie what she’s gonna do about that. Out comes the entire RAW roster up to the top of the stage. Orton tells the entire RAW staff to stop looking at him. He says you think I care if you guys have a WrestleMania this year. He says he’ll take all of them down with him. He yells at everyone to fire him and says he is begging them to fire him. He says go ahead and cancel WrestleMania and put these ingrates out of work – "fire me, fire me!" He said go ahead Stephanie and finish saying the words your father was trying to say to me before I kicked him in the skull. Stephanie says firing you would be too easy. We’ve got bigger plans. Shane McMahon’s music hits. The RAW roster splits in half to allow Shane to walk through. Shane stops and takes his jacket off. He continues walking down the ramp as he takes his watch off. He enters the ring as the crowd chants "Shane McMahon, Shane McMahon." He stares down Orton and The Legacy. He then charges at Orton and attacks him. But it’s three against one. Shane breaks through and gets to Orton again. The Legacy is slowly stopping Shane and get the better of him. Cody Rhodes restrains Shane as Orton recovers. Shane breaks free and punches out Orton. Rhodes comes back and Shane is giving it to Cody Rhodes now. Orton from the outside pulls out Rhodes and they run up the ramp to escape. Shane doesn’t stop there as he charges up the ramp to attack Orton some more. The rest of the RAW roster are splitting the two up at the top of the ramp. The shoe goes off the air with Shane yelling for Orton to come get some more.

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