Exclusive WWE RAW Results – February 23, 2009

Exclusive WWE RAW Results - February 23, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - February 23, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - February 23, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - February 23, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - February 23, 2009Exclusive WWE RAW Results - February 23, 2009Click HERE for exclusive results from the 2/23 edition of WWE Monday Night Raw!

WWE Monday Night RAW

WWE Monday Night Raw Results – February 23, 2009. Live from Nashville, TN:

We kick things off tonight with…"Excuse me!" Smackdown General Manager Vickie Guerrero is in the ring to make an announcement. She informs us that due to the incident involving the McMahons last week on Raw, the WWE Board of Directors has named her the interim GM for Raw tonight. She wishes the McMahons well, and says she will carry out the duties of GM to the best of her abilities. John Cena’s music then hits, and the former WWE Champ makes his way to the ring! Cena says that he can’t believe they’ve named Guerrero the GM for the night and that they would have been better off with Adamle or Cole as the GM. He adds that Vickie doesn’t care about the McMahons or the fans, and that she only cares about her husband Edge. He then says he is going to cash in his rematch clause against Edge tonight on Raw. This prompts Edge’s music to hit and he comes out to confront Cena. Edge has brought Big Show with him as back up tells Cena that he cannot bully his wife like Randy Orton. Cena tells Edge to be a man and defend the title tonight on Raw. Edge says he doesn’t have to do anything he doesn’t want to do and then accuses Cena of wanting to be this generation’s Bruno Sammartino or Hogan, but he is not going to let that happen. Edge says as long as he is around Cena will never be the guy he really wants to be. He then says that when Edge and Cena do have a rematch, he is going to put an end to what Cena wants to be and will have to face reality. Cena then insults Vickie big time by relating her to the Big Show and demands that Vickie do the right thing and make the rematch happen tonight. Big Show tries to step in, but Cena says he doesn’t understand why Big Show is involved in this whole scenario. He then accuses Big Show of being the one who takes care of Vickie in bed, because Edge can’t get the job done. Vickie then says she is going to put Cena in action tonight, and it will either be against her friend or her family. Cena says in that case, one way or the other, he will either be slaying a giant tonight or walking out of Raw the new World Heavyweight Champion.

We then cut to the parking lot where we see Legacy getting out of a limo before we go to our first commercial break.

Back from break and it’s time for our first match of the evening, a Triple Threat Match featuring CM Punk vs John Morrison vs The Miz with the winner earning a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Wrestlemania 25! The action starts off with Punk defending himself against both Miz and Morrison, with Punk going for a quick roll up attempt only to get stopped and then double-teamed by the tag team champs. Both Miz and Morrison exchange offensive moves on Punk, before the IC Champ is able to reverse a running attack by Miz with a boot to the face. He follows that with a high kick that sends Miz out of the ring but is then clotheslined by Morrison and both of them fall over the ropes to the outside. All three men are now down on the outside as we head to a commercial break….

Back from break and Morrison has Punk in a submission hold while Miz is down outside the ring. We are shown that during the break, Morrison hit Miz accidentally with a shooting star press which has kept him down and out. Punk is able to turn things around on Morrison and he ends up hitting a running knee on Morrison in the corner. He goes for the bulldog, but Miz is now back in and hits Punk with a running clothesline in the corner. It’s now Miz and Punk in the ring as Morrison has rolled to the outside. After some brief action between Miz and Punk, Morrison gets back in and the action breaks down. Back and forth offense between all three competitors and finally Miz and Morrison attack each other as they realize what’s at stake. Punk finally catches hold of Morrison out of mid-air, lifts him into the GTS position, uses Morrison’s legs to kick Miz out of the ring, then hits the GTS on Morrison and gets the 1,2,3.

Winner and the 1st announced entrant in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match: CM Punk

Back from break and we are shown the Triple H interview conducted by Jim Ross on last week’s episode of Smackdown.

Following the interview, we head to the back where Todd Grisham asks Legacy if he can have a word with Randy Orton. Orton does not come out of his dressing room, and Cody Rhodes explains that Orton is not to blame for what happened last week, and that he will address his actions from last week later in the night. DiBiase says that if Triple H wants to show up tonight, they will be waiting for him. We then cut to Glamarella with Rosa heading to ringside, and they encounter Dolph Ziggler who will be their partner for the night. We then head to a commercial break…

Back from break and we see a camera shot of the parking lot as Raw awaits the arrival of Triple H. Melina’s music then hits and she heads to ringside. Cryme Tyme’s music then hits and they are announced as Melina’s tag team partners. Santino’s music is next, and he makes his way to the ring with Beth Phoenix and Dolph Ziggler. In 6 man mixed tag acton we now have Glamarella with Dolph Ziggler vs Cryme Tyme and Melina. The action begins with Beth vs Melina, and Melina gets the upper hand early on. Quick tags are then made to JTG and Dolph, who exchange blows as they hit the ring. JTG hits the Mugshot, but is unable to get a pinfall. Dolph takes control with some nice offense until JTG is able to get a tag to Shad. Shad works over Dolph, but is unable to hit a big elbow drop as Dolph gets to the corner and tags Santino into the match. Santino takes a run at Shad, who hits his leg sweep drop and gets the quick pin on Santino.

Winners: Cryme Tyme and Melina

We cut to the back and see Shawn Michales heading out to the ring for his match against JBL which is next after the commercial break…

Back from break and it’s now time for Shawn Michaels vs JBL, with the winner earning the right to challenge The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25. The match kicks off with both guys exchanging offensive, and then HBK takes control with a Thesz press and hits some hard rights and lefts. JBL quickly counters and the momentum shifts his way as he hits HBK with rights and lefts in the corner. JBL goes for an early pin and comes up with a 2 count. He then hits several elbow drops and goes for another cover. Again a 2 count. HBK hits a quick counter but is then clocked by a JBL right hand which sends HBK out of the ring. JBL goes to the outside but is met with a hard reversal by HBK and JBL’s head is sent right into the ring post. HBK’s head bounces off the back of JBL’s and both men are down. They both beat the 10 count by getting back into the ring by 8, as we head to commercial break…

Back from break and JBL is again in control of the match, although it has been very back and forth up to this point. JBL tries for a superplex, but is pushed off the ropes, however when HBK loses his balance on the top, JBL hits a very stiff kick to Shawn’s head which sends him off the top to the outside. Shawn beats the 10 count and is in the ring by 6, and JBL hits a hard clothesline, but only gets a 2 count on the pin attempt. JBL is still in control as he works an abdominal stretch, but is met with several chops by HBK followed by a flying forearm. Nip up by Michaels, who then hits an atomic drop, followed by an elbow off the top turnbuckle. HBK tunes up the band, but JBL counters and throws Michaels over the top rope. HBK skins the cat, is back in, but then kicked hard in the face with a JBL big boot. JBL goes for the clothesline from hell, but HBK counters with Sweet Chin Music and gets the pin for the victory!

Winner: Shawn Michaels

Following the match, Kozlov’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring. Cole announces that Kozlov will face HBK next week on Raw with the winner being given the opportunity to face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Kozlov hits a modified chokeslam on HBK as we cut to the locker room where Legacy is preparing for the arrival of Triple H.

Back from break and Jamie Noble is in the ring and Mike Knox’s music hits. In singles action we now have Jamie Noble vs Mike Knox. A timer is shown in the corner as Noble attempts to last longer than the 15 seconds it took Kane to beat him last week. Noble hits a dropkick, but then walks into a huge boot to the face by Knox who then hits his finisher to beat Noble in 29 seconds.

Winner: Mike Knox

A video package is then shown announcing that Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat will be inducted into the 2009 WWE Hall of Fame.

Back from break and Michael Cole introduces us to the latest Hall of Fame inductee, Ricky Steamboat. His music hits, he comes out, and talks to Cole at the entrance ramp. He begins to tell a story about Wrestlemania 3 and is then interrupted by Chris Jericho. Jericho makes his way out and begins by thanking the Academy of Arts and Sciences for making the right decision by not giving Mickey Rourke the Oscar last night. He then relates Rourke to losers in the business like Flair, Piper and Steamboat. He condemns Ricky for coming to the WWE to sellout in front of the fans to sell merchandise and become "The Dragon." He then says he retired a broken down has-been, and now works for WWE backstage and continues to sell out to this day. He tells him to enjoy himself as he is a hypocrite like all of the fans in the arena, and then says he is in fact the biggest hypocrite of them all. Ricky retaliates by saying that when he was doing an autograph signing years ago, he signed one for a young Chris Jericho. He then says Jericho is the hypocrite because he has turned on the fans so many times in the past and even wrote in his autobiography that he looked up to Steamboat. He says he loves this business, is not a hypocrite or a sellout but is someone that Jericho will never be; a hall of famer. Jericho then attacks Ricky with the mic and drives him head first into the Raw set. He screams at Ricky and tells him to stay down as we head to commercial break…

Back from break and John Cena hits the ring. Vickie Guerrero comes out and announces that he will NOT be getting his rematch tonight, and Cena tells her that he will follow her until he gets it. She tells him that he will be facing a family member tonight, and Chavo Guerrero is announced. The match is now John Cena vs Chavo Guerrero. As expected, Cena hits a few offensive moves, the 5 knuckle shuffle, the Attitude Adjustment, and finally the STF and Chavo submits immediately.

Winner: John Cena

We then cut to the back where we see Legacy making its way to the ring, and Orton is carrying a sledgehammer with him. We then head to our last commercial break of the evening.

Back from break, Orton’s music hits, and Legacy comes down to the ring. Orton tells people that they should be congratulated if they think HHH will come to the ring tonight because then he truly will be a McMahon; arrogant and stupid. Orton claims that he is the real victim here because the McMahons have not stayed out of his business. He reminds everyone he has IED. He goes on to say that he was pushed too hard by Shane McMahon and finally he had to push back. He then says the last time Stephanie got in Orton’s face she slapped him, got in his face again, and then his instinct took over. He blames the fans for judging him, and says that it’s hard being at the top of a profession as well as being a celebrity. He says he is under constant pressure. He says Stephanie should have known better than to do what she did last week, and he hopes that her and Triple H’s kids learn from their mother’s mistakes. We then cut to the back where we see Triple H entering the building with a sledgehammer of his own, he comes out to the entrance ramp and slowly makes his way to the ring. Orton tells HHH to lose the hammer, he will lose his, and the two can settle this like men. Orton ditches the hammer, HHH ditches his, and climbs into the ring. He then stands face to face with Orton, reahces into his back and pulls out another sledgehammer from the back of his jeans. Legacy bails out of the ring, and heads to the back. They barricade themselves in a dressing room, but Triple H busts through the door with the hammer. He is able to get a shot in on DiBiase, but in the process of tearing apart the dressing room, Orton and DiBiase are able to escape. They head out of the dressing room, out into the parking lot, where Rhodes is waiting with a car. Legacy gets in the car, Triple H is able to take out a door with the hammer but they drive off and HHH is left standing there. Raw ends with HHH throwing the hammer at the car as it drives off.