TNA “Lockdown” PPV Results – April 19, 2009


TNATNATNATNATNATNAVery detailed, exclusive TNA “Lockdown” PPV results from April 19, 2009!

TNA Lockdown Results

April 19, 2009

Report By: Matt Boone

Pre-Show Match:

-Danny Bonaduce vs. Eric Young

Match is over. Bonaduce looked about as terrible as you’d expect. He tried a flip-spot off the top-rope but looked like a 10-year old afraid to jump into a cold pool of water. Finish came with possibly the sloppiest roll-up in history and Eric Young getting the clean victory. After the match, Bonaduce attacked Young and out came Rhino. Rhino gave Bonaduce a spear and that was that. About 15 minutes of the pre-show left before the main-PPV card begins, stick with us.

Winner: Eric Young

Interview Segment: Dixie Carter

A video package of the TNA Fanfest is shown. After that, Jeremy Borash introduces Dixie Carter. She says TNA has the best fans in the world and thanked them for helping the company set records with ratings for their weekly iMPACT! show.


AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are shown earlier in the day arriving together. Also, the Main Event Mafia are shown arriving together.

Interview Segment: Team 3-D

Team 3-D does a bunch of hype for their match tonight on the same steps the "Rocky" movie made famous in Philadelphia, the location of tonight’s PPV.

TNA Lockdown PPV Begins:

The video package for tonight’s PPV airs, and as usual it’s some pretty cool stuff.

Mike Tenay and Don West do their intros and hype up tonight’s event. They claim that tonight we will finally find out where Jeff Jarrett stands.

X-Title Match (Xscape Match):

-Suicide vs. Jay Lethal vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Kiyoshi vs. Consequences Creed

Suicide had a unique entrance, popping up out of nowhere instead of his usual entrance. All men are in the cage and our first match of the evening is officially underway. Kiyoshi is eliminated first when Lethal hit an elbow off the top rope for the pin. Consequences Creed is next to be eliminated when Bashir hit his finisher and got the pin. Suicide and Lethal exchange a couple of high-spots while Bashir sells an injury. Bashir out of nowhere is revived and pins Lethal to eliminate him from the match. It’s down to just Bashir and Suicide now with the rules changing to "xscape" rules, aka – old WWF cage match rules. First to exit the cage wins. Cool spot for the finish where both men were fighting on top of the cage and Alex Shelley tried climbing in from the outside but was pulled down by security. Suicide knocks Bashir to the mat below and then does a body-splash from the top of the cage to the floor, landing on all the bodies on the outside to retain the X-title.

Winner: Suicide

Interview Segment: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels

Lauren is backstage with AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. She talks about possible tension between them and their partners. The two just did the typical hooting-and-hollering and walked off together.

Queen Of The Cage:

-ODB vs. Daffney vs. Madison Rayne vs. Sojourner Bolt

All ladies in the ring (ODB with Cody Deaner), and the match is underway. Everyone gangs up on ODB to start the match. Cody puts his flask through the cage and pours liquor into ODB’s mouth, which gives her the strength to fight off everyone. Lots of brawling with Daffney hitting a few high spots. Finish came with the same spot that was used early in the match, the flask-pass to ODB for a quick-drink and she uses "that strength" to powerslam Sojourner Bolt for the pin and victory.

Winner: ODB

Backstage Segment: Jeff Jarrett

The announcers were running down the line-up for tonight and right in the middle of it, they were cut off and a shot to the parking lot was shown where a SUV pulled up and out came Jeff Jarrett.

New Japan Jr. Tag-Titles:

-Motor City Machine Guns vs. LAX vs. No Limit

All teams are in the cage and this New Japan junior-tag title match is officially started. All men are fighting at the same time, aka-no two at a time with tags. Hernandez with a huge tackle that knocks Sabin into the cage. MCMG are teaming up on Hernandez, but he suplexes both simaltaneously. Homicide botches a spot off the top. Biggest spot of the night so far comes when Hernandez holds Yujiro on the ropes and Homicide jumped off the ropes and drove him to the ground. Looks cooler than the explanation sounds. Hernandez manhandles Sabin in a scary bump. Pretty good match so far. Finish comes when MCMG hit the "Made in Detroit" finisher on No Limit for the pin and victory.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

Interview Segment: Abyss

Lauren lectures Abyss backstage about tonight’s "Doomsday Chamber of Blood" match with Matt Morgan. Abyss says she’s a good girlfriend but he knows how to survive. He talks about how he was abused by his father, etc.

Doomsday Chamber Of Blood:

-Abyss vs. Matt Morgan

Both guys are in the cage. Tenay clarifies the rules. Unlike a first blood match, in this match you have to make your opponent bleed and then it’s under the rules of a normal match – pinfall or submission. Neither a pin or submission counts until someone is bleeding though. Lots of weapons in the cage. Abyss picks up a chair but doesn’t use it for some reason. Morgan kicks it into his face. Morgan empties a bag of broken glass and smooshes Abyss’s face into it. Abyss is bleeding insanely, leaking blood everywhere. Abyss picks up a handful of the broken glass and rubs it in Morgan’s face, opening him up. Abyss with his finisher, but the ref is out. A second ref jumps in but Morgan kicks out. "Dr. Stevie" comes out and it’s Stevie Richards. I assume this is "former World champion" numero uno? Abyss grabs a bag of thumbtacks and empties it into the ring. Stevie jumps in and scolds him, slapping him like a girl. Morgan grabs Abyss and slams him with his finisher for the victory.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Interview Segment: Jeff Jarrett

Backstage Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett said his teammates should worry about themselves and not him. Jarrett says the real issue is he needs to worry about himself more. He said he’s going to do what he always do – the right thing. As he turns to leave, Samoe Joe blocks the doorway holding a sword. Joe says something to him and Jarrett just nods and walks around him.

TNA Knockouts Title:

-Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love vs. Taylor Wilde

Match begins. Raisha Saeed came to the ring with Kong. When the two came out, Love had a scared look on her face. Lots of double team action from Love and and Wilde but the two keep pulling each other off when they try and pin Kong. They face off and now they go at it. After a bit of selling, Kong is up and goes berzerk. She slams one into the cage brutally and rag-dolls the other across the ring. After some double-teaming, the two tie Kong’s hair-braids outside the cage in a knot, leaving her imobile. Wilde, who seemed to be a bit shooken up from a previous spot with Love, rolls her up for the pin and win.

Winner: Angelina Love

Interview Segment: Team 3-D

They babble a bunch about how great they are and about tonight’s match against Beer Money, Inc.

Philly Street Fight

-Team 3-D vs. Beer Money, Inc.

Beer Money, Inc. is out first. Team 3-D is out next and they come through the crowd. Match begins. The teams brawl all throughout the inside of the arena for a while but eventually take the match into the cage. Once the match entered the cage, it never left (outside of grabbing tables from under the ring, etc.). Lots of blood, obviously. Lots of loud ECW chants during the match as well. At one point a "we want Sandman" chant broke out. Finish saw both Beer Money, Inc. members miss spots off the top, and walk into a 3-D through the table. Team 3-D wins the belts.

Winner: Team 3-D

Interview Segment: Main Event Mafia

Same tired-ass Main Event Mafia promo you’ve heard a trillion times. Angle going bonkers as the front man with Nash and the others looking as chill as ever in the background. Their team match is up next.

Lethal Lockdown Match:

-Team Jarrett vs. Team Main Event Mafia

Team Jarrett is of course Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and Christopher Daniels. The Main Event Mafia consists of Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Scott Steiner and Booker T. Video package is done and we have our entrances now. Angle and Daniels are out first to start off the match. It’s a War-Games style match where each team gets a new member in the ring every five minutes. Daniels has Angle in a submission hold and out comes Booker to make the save and enter the match. Typical war-games double teaming and out comes AJ. Pace picks up as the two work a lot of quick spots and high spots together. Steiner is in now. Samoe Joe’s music hits but he doesn’t come out. They show him backstage with something over his head. Joe said something but he said it quietly and I didn’t catch it. Well whatever, Joe came out now anyways. He has the hot-tag entrance, cleaning house of all the heels. Nash comes out now. Joe attacks Nash before he gets in the cage, but Nash leaves him laying. Jarrett is out now and the lethal lockdown begins as the weapons portion of the cage lowers from the ceiling. AJ Styles climbs to the top of the entire lethal lockdown-cage structure and does an enormous spot. It looked like he hit a piece of the lethal lockdown-weapons portion of the cage on the way down. Everyone is hitting their finishers now and we have all eight men down. Styles and Booker are up. Lots of nearfalls now. Just looking at this it looks like a giant cluster-fuck, but it’s still good. War Games had two rings with one giant cage over it, this is one six-sided ring with a weirdo-cage set up so the bodies fill the ring to the point where not a whole lot can be done simaltaneously so we constantly have people down selling while a few work a spot here and there. Jarrett climbs up and grabs the guitar. He blasts Booker T and Styles pins him for the victory.

Winners: Team Jarrett

After The Match – Bobby Lashley

The lights go out while everyone is still in the cage and a video-tron airs and ends with "Bobby Lashley". Out comes Lashley to the top of the ramp in street clothes. Angle looks pumped up to see him. The lights go out again and we cut backstage, match/segment is over. So there’s our second former world champion.

Interview Segment: Sting

Lauren is backstage with Sting. He does his final hype job for tonight’s match with Mick Foley.

Interview Segment: Mick Foley

Borash is backstage with Foley. He’s got his back to the camera and he’s holding a barbed-wire baseball bat. He huffs and puffs and now it’s time for the main event of the evening.

TNA World Title:

-Sting vs. Mick Foley

Long introductions and now we’re finally underway. Foley has some color early, bleeding from the eye. He climbs to the top rope but Sting follows him up. The two battle for a moment before Sting back-suplexes Foley off the top. Later on, Foley lays Sting out and climbs again. This time Sting hits Foley and his leg gets stuck in the ropes and he’s hanging upside down. When it first happened it looked like bad whiplash-effect for Foley’s back and neck. He’s finally untangled and Sting is working Foley’s legs now. Foley works his way up and tries climbing the cage to get away from Sting. Sting runs across the ring and knocks Foley off and Foley takes another bump. Foley works his way back up and slams Sting’s head into the cage. Foley with a neckbreaker and a pin attempt but only gets two. Foley is climbing the cage again but comes back down, selling his leg as if he can’t climb. Double-arm DDT from Foley for only a two count. Foley tries locking in the Scorpion Death lock and does so, but it looks god-awful. He lets it go and is yelling at the ref, who took his barbed wire bat away at the beginning of the match. He shoves him down and punches Sting again to keep him selling for a bit. Foley dropkicks the cage and knocks down a camera-man on the outside on purpose. He’s trying to climb through a hole in the cage but Sting grabs his legs and slaps on the Scorpion Death lock. Foley, still in the hold asks the camera-man he knocked down to give him the barbed wire bat, and he does. Both men back up, Sting turns around and Foley stops him dead in his tracks, pointing the barbed wire bat to him, the same way Sting would his regular bat during the nWo-days of WCW. Sting knocks the bat away and floors Foley with punches. He’s climbing to the top of the cage but Foley hits him in the leg with the bat. And again. This time causing Sting to crotch the ropes (seemingly on accident) and fall to the canvas. Back up, Foley with the barbed wire bat over his head and Sting drop-toe holds him, causing Foley to hit his own face on the bat. Foley is picking at his hand, I guess he got stabbed a little on that one. Sting picks up the bat and is wailing on Foley with it repeatedly in the back. Foley with a low blow from behind on Sting. He picks the bat up and knocks Sting out with it. He uses the bat like an elbow-drop to an already-down Sting. Foley puts on Mr. Socko and takes some of the barbed wire from the bat and wraps it around his socked-hand. He punches away at Sting with it and now Sting is bleeding. Running knee to Sting in the corner. Both men down. Foley up first and he’s climbing to the cage. On the opposite side of the ring, Sting is climbing. He falls down as Foley is over the top, but quickly runs up to catch up. Foley drops from the very top of the cage and bumps onto the floor to win the match and the TNA World title. He kisses the belt as Sting walks away.

Winner and new TNA champion – Mick Foley

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