WWE RAW Results – May 4, 2009

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May 4, 2009

Report By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

The Brian Kendrick vs. Carlito

The Brian Kendrick’s music hits as Lilian announces his name correct this week, with "The" in front of Brian Kendrick. Carlito’s music hits and he’s out next. Quick match, with a few high spots. Match ends with Carlito hitting the back-stabber on The Brian Kendrick for the pinfall and victory.

Winner: Carlito

-Cole and Lawler introduce the "SmackDown! Rebound" for the week, where highlights air of the number one contender match from last week on SmackDown.

-Backstage we see Rhodes walking into the dressing room where Orton and DiBiase are. The three talk as Cole and Lawler announce that the three-on-one handicap match main event will be up after the commercial break.

-A video package airs of MVP and The View, with clips from The View and WWE television. The plug MVP as a guest on The View tomorrow.

Backstage – Shane McMahon & Batista

-Backstage we see Batista apologizing to Shane McMahon. He says he’d help if he could and that he’s sorry. Shane keeps nodding and wanting to leave as Batista apologizes more. He guarantees Shane he’ll beat Orton up at Judgment Day and take his title. Shane walks off.

3-On-1 Handicap Match:

Randy Orton & Legacy vs. Shane McMahon

Hopefully something good happens here, as this has been one god-awful RAW so far. Orton’s music hits as he and Legacy come to the ring. A video package airs of all the damage they’ve done over the past several weeks as they make their way to the ring. The video airs and Orton and Legacy are in the ring posing as we go to commercial. We return and Orton’s music is still playing. It cuts off and Orton and Legacy stare down the entrance waiting for Shane. "Here comes the money…" and out comes Shane down the ramp to the ring. It’ll be Shane starting off with Cody Rhodes first. Sloppy start. Cody bullies Shane into the Legacy corner but he quickly escapes unscathed. Cody knocks Shane down and tags in Orton. Shane eventually gets the upper hand and forces Orton to tag in DiBiase. DiBiase quickly gets Shane down and is stomping away. He throws Shane into a corner but Shane comes rushing out with a clothesline that drops DiBiase. On the mat, Shane is working on DiBiase’s arm. DiBiase crawls over for a tag, but Shane knocks Rhodes off the apron. Shane climbs to the top and comes off with a flying elbow smash onto DiBiase. He covers him but Rhodes breaks up the count at two. Cody distracts Shane, allowing DiBiase to knock Shane out of the ring. On the floor, Shane grabs a chair but Orton – from behind – knocks Shane down. Orton throws Shane in the ring and DiBiase as well. DiBiase tags Orton in legally and he comes in and immediately stomps away at a grounded Shane. Orton tags in Rhodes. Rhodes misses a huge moonsault and both he and Shane are down in the ring. Rhodes crawls over and tags in DiBiase. Shane quickly clotheslines DiBiase down. DiBiase tags in Orton. Shane is brawling with Orton. He gets the better of the exchange and Shane clears house of Legacy. Shane is beating up all three on the floor. Shane is clearing off the RAW announce table. Shane lays Orton across the announce table and climbs to the top rope. Shane comes off the top with a flying elbow, but Orton moves, and Shane comes crashing through the table. Orton has Legacy hold Shane’s leg across the ring steps. Orton grabs a chair and yells at Shane. He smashes it into Shane’s ankle and Shane is selling it big. Orton takes the top set off the ring steps and has Legacy hold Shane’s leg against the steps again. Orton grabs the chair but throws it down. He grabs the other set of ring steps instead and raises them over his head. He slams them down onto Shane’s ankle and Shane is freaking out in pain. Orton stares down Shane who is in pain and Batista’s music hits after a few moments. He chases Orton and Legacy away from ringside. Orton grabs the microphone at the top of the ramp and says Batista’s "Judgment Day" is coming. They stare each other down as Orton’s music hits and RAW ends.

Winner: No Contest