Former WWE Referee Mike Posey On WWE, WrestleMania Etc

Alex Marvez recently interviewed former WWE/TNA referee Mike Posey for

Mike Posey comments on life after WWE:

"You get so used to the lifestyle," said Posey, who has returned to work on the independent circuit with Georgia-based NWA Wildside (Anarchy). "I was on the road working every week from Friday to Wednesday. Once you’re not doing that travel, you don’t know what to do with yourself. Now that I can’t do what I did anymore for whatever reasons, I kind of get depressed.

"I haven’t had a normal job in four years. I don’t know how to interact with ‘normal people’ now."


Posey said his greatest — albeit brief — wrestling memory came in March 2008. Posey counted Chavo Guerrero’s shoulders to the mat in his 11-second ECW title loss to Glenn "Kane" Jacobs at "Wrestlemania 24." The only "Wrestlemania" match that "officially" lasted less time was King King Bundy squashing the late S.D. "Special Delivery" Jones in nine seconds at "Wrestlemania II" in 1986.

"I can always say I refereed the second-shortest match in ‘Wrestlemania’ history," Posey said. "The thing is that I was working on the ring crew 80 percent of the time. Refereeing almost was extra. By the time ‘Wrestlemania 23’ came around and I was on it, I was burnt out. At (‘Wrestlemania 24’), I made sure I was going to have fun and enjoy it more."

WWE Announces Not Naming Refs In Commentary:

"We’re part of the show, too," Posey said. "You may as well give us a name instead of ‘official.’ I guess it’s because (WWE) wants to keep all the focus on the two superstars in the ring. They’re what draws the money and you’ve got to make sure they get all the attention. I kind of understand that."

His hope for the future:

"I’d still like to referee in TNA, WWE or whatever else comes along," said Posey, 31. "I’m not the biggest guy, but I think I have enough personality to offer something in wrestling. I hope it happens."

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