Samoa Joe Joins Main Event Mafia; Angle Grows His Hair Out

Samoa JoeKurt Angle appeared at the TNA "Slammiversary" pay-per view last night with a slight buzz-cut style stubble of hair on his head, along with a light beard. Not sure if he’s growing it back in fully or not.

WRESTLEZONE UPDATE: For an update on whether or not Kurt Angle is growing his hair out and why, click here.

Speaking of Angle, he and Samoa Joe joined forces in the main event last night. In the final spot of the match, both men were on opposing sides of the ladder, with Joe holding the title. To win the match you have to attatch the title on the loop above of the ring. Joe voluntarily handed Angle the belt and smiled, as the crowd erupted with boo’s. Angle attatched the title and become the new TNA World champion. Joe posed with Angle as the Main Event Mafia came to the top of the entrance way. TNA announcer Mike Tenay claimed Samoa Joe had just joined the Main Event Mafia.

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