JR’s July 4th Blog: Edge, R-Truth Gimmick Change, More

Jim RossThe following is an excerpt from the July 4th online blog entry from WWE announcer and Hall Of Famer Jim Ross:

The C.M. Punk/Jeff Hardy issue is evolving at an interesting clip and I’m willing to bet a bottle of J.R.’s Original BBQ Sauce, available at www.jrsbarbq.com, that their World Title Bout at Night of Champions will be a gem dandy. Hardy seems to be feeling the pressure to win the World Title while Punk continues to play enough mind games to add to the youngest Hardy’s angst.

To top that off, Jeff and C.M. will be tag team partners Friday night on Smackdown on the elusive MyNetworkTV and will face the new, Undisputed Tag Team Champions, "Team Ego," Chris Jericho and Edge.

For some reason, I have a heck of a time not saying/typing Edge and Christian but that’s another story for another time.

Speaking of Edge and Jericho, I specualte that these two will be challenged to co-exist over the long haul which is too bad as I would like to see someone or some team establish their superiority and hold on to a title for a long reign.

When will we next see a two out of three fall match in WWE? Yeah, I know that I’m old school but I like the occasional 2X3 fall bout as they usually eliminate "fluke" wins.

I suspect that many of my "old school" philosophies are the source of plenty of eye roll’s with some of the younger pups with which I work. For the record, the Undertaker-Shawn Michaels bout at WM25, you know, the best match of 2009 and perhaps the best bout ever in Wrestlemania history, was an "old school" match.

Even though John Morrison is still the hottest young star on Friday Night Smackdown, at least that’s my perspective, don’t take your eyes off of Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler has been raising eye brows in and out of the ring and if you tune in Friday night you’ll see what I mean.

Did you know that R Truth has an alter ego? Stay tuned over the next week or two.

BTW how does a guy print a boarding pass that only says R Truth? I’m just saying.

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