WWE RAW Results – August 17, 2009

WWE RAW Results - August 17, 2009WWE RAW Results — PAGE TWO

St. Louis, MO.

August 17, 2009

Report By: Matt Boone for WrestleZone.com

-We get a video package showing the history of D-X’s best moments.

The Miz vs. Evan Bourne

The Miz’s music hits and he comes out, without his Calgary Kid mask on, for a singles match. We get a video replay of last week’s match with Calgary Kid vs. Eugene. Cole and Lawler confirm that The Miz is back on WWE RAW. Miz has a microphone. He says two weeks ago he was banned from RAW. He says he stands before us a new man with a new attitude. He says he is about to perform the most remarkable turn-around in WWE history. He said tonight he starts his quest to become the new United States champion. He tells Kofi Kingston to enjoy his victory tonight because his U.S. title is going to be his – because he is The Miz, and he is awesome. We head to commercial. We return from the break and Bourne makes his entrance. Big pop from the crowd as Bourne is announced as from St. Louis. Pretty good match. Lots of cool stuff from Bourne as usual. Finish came when Miz caught Bourne on his shoulders. He pops him off and hits "The Skull Crushing Finale’", his new finishing move for the pinfall and the victory.

Winner: The Miz

-Another shot to the parking lot. Lawler says the reformation of D-X is next. We head to commercial.

-We return from commercial to more video hype for the return of D-X tonight.

D-X Returns

A limo with D-X logos spraypainted on it pulls up in the parking lot. HHH gets out and has to convince HBK to get out. They walk towards the building and Jillian Hall approaches them with her headset on, singing D-X’s theme obnoxiously. HHH puts a trash can over her head and they walk on. As they continue, Santino is still playing his "24" character. HBK superkicks him and they continue towards the arena. We see a shot of the arena, which is dark with the lights out. D-X’s music hits and the crowd pops. Kind of a new entrance. New graphics across the screen as they make their ring walk. They have D-X logo glowsticks with them as well. Lilian Garcia introduces HBK and HHH, D-X. Here we go. HHH asks HBK if it’s good to be back. HBK says he can’t help but love this stuff. As they do their little "are you ready" opener, Legacy hits the ring and attacks HHH and HBK. D-X tries fighting back but Legacy keeps the upper-hand. Cody Rhodes yanks off HBK’s boot and blasts HHH with it. Now he blasts HBK with it. Ted DiBiase gets on the mic and says there’s the answer to your question. "Yes. We are ready." He throws the mic down and Legacy walks off, leaving D-X laying.

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